I Thought that My Love Life was Over

So far, school has been rather uneventful in the two days that I’ve been back, save for me internally freaking out about coursework and stressing at things that aren’t even important. However, there is a far more pressing problem besides the prospect of unmanageable work. That is, I appear to actually possess feelings.

How my mind works is that there are certain people which my brain tells me, “Okay, they’re nice; you could have feelings for them – but don’t; that’s a terrible idea!” A girl who joined my school this year, who I used to share my French class with, is one such person. I call her Laurel on this blog and you can read more about her here. I feel like a total creep for writing this and knowing my luck, she’ll end up finding it and I’ll be mortified for the rest of my days.

Yesterday, I spoke to her for the first time, properly in person, for about a month. Because of exams which meant that I was only in school to do them for two weeks and then I had two weeks off, I couldn’t have seen her for that length of time and before that, I hadn’t spoken to her in ages. Not being with Pine’s “group” a lot, I don’t often have the chance to meet her unless I go and sit with them at break. She’d been on my mind a lot lately. It wasn’t in a romantic sense really but I was more contemplating the decision that I’d made to drop French, as well as how much I missed those in my class even if I could see them outside of it.

I got into school, walked towards my first class of the day and genuinely didn’t realise it was her speaking to me, at first. Being greeted is a common thing but it was loud; I couldn’t hear much and I think I must have been tired. We were standing a little ways apart; I didn’t pay much attention to my surroundings. My friends Wren and Swan were being themselves, saying inside jokes to me whilst walking off and that was when I knew that Laurel stood in front of me and I was a total moron because I think that I smiled really strangely. Now I think about it, that was so awkward.

We didn’t talk about much. The subject was mainly exams and before I had known it was her (how the hell did I not know?!) she hugged me and I felt really happy because I felt like she really meant it. I was cringing so hard when I clocked that it was her that I tried to, erm, make up for it, or that was how my mind justified it. Upon her saying that she would fail, I utterly disagreed with her and I hugged her again, touching her hands once or twice to prove my point. As I never usually initiate such physical contact with those that aren’t my very close friends, it was almost a shock to my own internal systems to note that I was doing this with very little fear.

I’m confused. Over the last few months, I convinced myself that those fledgling feelings had been stamped out. I didn’t need complications like that, especially when I was attempting to viciously deny other, much stronger feelings that had emerged for a different person. Neither approach worked. Now, it looks as if I’m in the same predicament as before: uncertain as to what I want, who I think about and what I want to do with those feelings.

I usually know how I act around those who I have feelings for but then I refuse to acknowledge that. It might not be apparent to anyone else except me but I think differently, pay much closer attention to everything and am more likely to remember how I felt in that exact moment. As much as I’ve tried to stop this, I don’t think I can. Once my thoughts go down a trajectory of weird and inconvenient feelings, they don’t stop until I a) realise it’s pointless; b) something unpleasant happens or c) I move onto someone else. I’m hoping it’s option C, honestly.

My feelings, or what’s left of them, for Laurel can’t be overstated. Yes, I think she’s wonderful and I feel entirely too comfortable around her but there still remains the problem of the ‘other person’. I won’t use Laurel as some kind of rebound because that would upset me; I don’t know her well enough to know what it would do to her.

All in all, I know a few things:
• I have small feelings for her
• They won’t go anywhere because I have about as much luck or good decision-making as a single-celled organism
• I’m hopelessly confused because feelings EW NO GO AWAY
• There are ‘other people’ who I have similar reactions to which makes things needlessly complex
• If you try and ignore a problem or put your fingers in your ears whilst screaming ‘la la laaaaa’, it doesn’t go away
• HELP ME I don’t need this in my life!

Are you going through something similar right now? How do you feel? I kind of feel like running and hiding next time I’m near her because feelings are scary. I haven’t felt this way, so carefree with it, in at least a year.

From Elm 🙂

33 thoughts on “I Thought that My Love Life was Over

  1. ahh i love that last sentence. i hope i can achieve it sometime. whenever i catch myself catching feelings for someone, my brain just goes NOPE NOPE shut it down!! ABORT ABORT ABORT!! also, i’m sooo glad i found our blog, i need to follow more lgbtq+ bloggers x

    • LITERALLY SAME! Are you LGBTQ+ if you don’t mind me asking? And yahh I just think she’s awesome but also SCARRYYYYY feelings WHY 😀

      • yes!! i’m the B in LGBTQ+. i actually need to make a huge blog post about everything and how i found out etc. because i haven’t blogged regularly in like 2 years, but i’m back now 🙂

      • YAYY you should and same here 😀 How old are you by the way just out of interest? I need to have a real look at your blog tomorrow 🙂 xx

      • i think my blog’s might’ve been on private since i commented this bc i decided to make it a lot more person and didn’t want irl people finding me haha. i haven’t really checked the view requests because i’ve been meaning to do some maintenance but haven’t gotten around to it with everything! sorry about that! thank you for your interest though. i’m not sure if you requested access but i’ll definitely approve you rn. i haven’t been on much since the summer lol. also, i just turned 18 last month 🙂

      • Hey don’t worry about it! 🙂 You can always change your blog address and use an anonymous name so that people don’t find you. Also, I hope that your birthday was good! 🙂

  2. I get the feeling that you’re very fluid with your sexuality. It seems that you kind of like this girl but you don’t want to? In that way? I hope that whatever happens between you two, that you’re okay in the end 💙😊

    • Hmmm I’m not sure. I think I do at the moment; right now I have more of a preference for guys simply because I have deeper feelings for someone who is a guy but it changes a LOT; it’s never 50-50 xx

      • I think its great that you’re really open about your sexuality too! I’m pretty sure I’m into guys, although my friend once told me that almost all girls are bi-curious (at least) which is where you check out other girls, which I think is completely true. But I’ve never had desires to date a girl. Then again… I find dating in general scary?

      • I get you there and that’s okay! Whatever your sexuality is, embrace it 🙂 And Remember it CAN be fluid xx

      • Oh! I just thought of something! There’s this new book coming out called “Ramona Blue” and its about a girl that thought she was into girls… but then she starts getting feelings for a guy. I can’t wait to read it, and I thought it might be something you might be interested in.

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