Guest post – What does feminism mean to me? 

Hi everyone! 

I’m Lizzie from Lizzie’s Language and I’m really pleased to be writing a guest post on Elm’s blog, as she is such a talent writer. She is also writing a post on mine! I’m going to talk about feminism and what it means to me. 

I am constantly told that I’m over sensitive because I call people out over their racist jokes. Or I’m told that women have enough rights all ready so I should just shut up and go back to the kitchen. When I am alone on the streets or in a shop, even if there are a million people around, I am terrified when a man comes too close. Or rolled eyes are given when I try to explain why our bathrooms should be transgender friendly and that gay is not an insult.  

That is why I need feminism. 

I am constantly asked what feminism means to me and I would say that it means a voice. It gives me a voice to speak out to the world. My feminism however is not just for white women, it’s for everybody, no matter what race, sexuality or gender. The other day a boy asked me why I was defending trans right when I was a feminist and I told him that my feminism cares for everybody. And he said, ‘But feminists are only fighting for women’s rights’ and I think people confuse what feminism is because of its name.

All the time my friends tell me that they would be more on board with feminism if it was called something else. I’m sorry but isn’t the whole of the history of human beings called ‘ManKind’. And it’s called feminism not equalism because it focusing on raising females up to the same place as men and not tearing the men down to a lower level. Plus, who cares if it’s called feminism because it all started to try and give better opportunities to women and then it has evolved to help everyone.

Feminism also means so much to me because I would say that it is the thing that I’m most passionate about and how much passion I put into it never fades. I love dance and trialthons but sometimes I’m really passionate about it and then a month later I still love it but it doesn’t quite mean the same thing to me. Whereas feminism is something that I always have fire for and I’m always ready to fight for. The problem that I see now is that it is everywhere. Racist, homophobic, sexist comments and even subconscious acts don’t go unnoticed to me. Sometimes I call people out but I seem to notice it all the time and I just store my anger away. Recently I’ve watched my old favourite tv shows, like ‘How I met you mother’ and realise while I watch it that there are just so many comments that make me wince. 

Feminism is something that makes me who I am. People think of me and probably think of the feminist who writes slam poetry and is educated on most topics. I hope that the people reading this are either call themselves feminists or support the movement because we need all the help that we can get. 

I’d also like to say a massive thank you to Elm for giving me this amazing opportunity to write on her blog! 

Much love, 

Lizzie xxx

31 thoughts on “Guest post – What does feminism mean to me? 

  1. This is so brilliantly written! Such a sad reality in today’s world, my classmates believing that calling someone a part of the LGBT community is an insult. Its not, we are all humans, right? And duh like anyone cares if you like men or women or both or neither. Everyone just wants to feel and see love around them, and thats exactly what we are missing. In today’s hate-filled world, the word ‘feminism’ automatically relates to putting women on a pedestal. Its sad, very sad.
    I love this post, Lizzie!

    • Thank you so much! I’m hoping that our generation can create a foundation for a world that loves and treats everyone equally and not just saying that they do and I’m hoping to do it one blog post at a time!

  2. I think my number one pet peeve with people who aren’t feminists is that they don’t understand that we’re fighting for EQUAL RIGHTS. I KNOW people think that feminism is putting down men, and it’s NOT. It makes me so annoyed aghahghrhg. But I agree! Feminism is for EVERYONE. Feminists shouldn’t advocate for white women’s rights, or black women’s rights; they should advocate for ALL rights. (And I hate how some people are feminists… but not of the LGBT+ community. I’m like, “Then you’re not a feminist at all???”) Great guest post, Lizzie! 🙂

    • So true, it really annoys me too! I don’t understand why people can’t just believe us when we say this – FEMINISM IS FOR EVERYONE! Thank you very much!

  3. YAY FEMINISM, I totally agree! Personally I do identify as a feminist and I think it’s really important to do so, since as you said it acknowledges that women have pretty much been oppressed throughout history. But it frustrates me when people think feminism is about women being better than men because…honestly it’s not? Although I’m sure I mess up a lot, I do try my best to practice intersectional feminism. 🙂

  4. Great Thoughts! If each and everyone of us are educated and made realised the real problem faced by the world caused by gender descrimination and if the true meaning of feminism is revealed to people the world can be a better place! We support this cause. Cheers!

  5. Discrimination is a natural human characteristic but in the modern world we have just started to become aware of it in ourselves and others.
    It started as a survival mechanism. First you look after yourself then your immediate family. The tribe is the next most important group we look after and it is a microcosm of the nation. For thousands of years women had different rolls from men and so we can hardly expect that to change overnight. The great question we must ask is how far we want people to be the same with the same opportunities , the same lifestyles , the same status etc. The fact is nature has not made us the same in any respect , some are stronger , some more intelligent , some healthier, some born into poverty and degradation , others with a golden spoon. Society cannot correct what nature has ordained, only death can level such differences. The cry of Donald Trump ‘ Make America Great ‘ was not a cry intended to level out the differences but a tribal cry common since antiquity.

    • It’s true, discrimination is so far planted into our society that it’s obviously going to be hard to get rid of. But what I think is important is that everyone has the same opportunity, so maybe a women still wants to be a housewife, that is awesome as long as she also has the chance, if she wants, to be in the army or managing her own company!

  6. Women today can control huge digging machines and drive enormous lorries because for many jobs strength is no longer needed while ability and brains are equivalent in both sexes. The superior strength of man in physical sports is self evident . In questions of war and combat I suspect man is more violent . We must remember when we talk about men or women we are not talking about individuals but generalizing.
    Everyone cannot have the same opportunity because they have different abilities , we have to put up with the gifts nature has supplied. Equality exists nowhere in the natural world it is a man-made concept.

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