Anxiety tag – Collaboration with Larissa!

Hi guys!

It’s Elm and I’m ridiculously excited to be collaborating with an amazing blogger and friend of mine, Larissa from this blog – we’ll be doing the Anxiety Tag! I’ve also posted on her blog.

Hey everyone, I am Larissa from the blog and I am guest posting for the lovely Elm. I am 17 and have just gone in to year 13, I enjoy blogging about school as well as mental health, lifestyle and my thoughts. I want to be a lawyer when I am older and so I will be blogging more about my journey to university as well as my love of murder mysteries and Mun.

1)When did your anxiety start?<
t started when I was very young. I have always been a shy and quiet person but bullying early on made me retreat into my shell even more, it made every day social situations more difficult.

2)What symptoms do you have?<
t can vary but when I feel anxious I usually have a very fast heartbeat, I find it difficult to breathe/ move, I can feel dizzy too.

3)How do you control it? I am going to do a full blog post on my blog about this but mostly through green tea and theanine capsules (which is in green tea). I also find taking time for myself and doing things I enjoy calms me down a lot too.

4) Have you ever tried yoga/meditation/acupuncture?<
have found that acupuncture has helped me so so much, it helps me to feel more relaxed. I enjoy doing pilates when I feel very stressed after school or in the holidays, it is a great activity to do in a revision break too.

5)Does it impact on your everyday life?<
y anxiety tends to be worse in term time. I feel very anxious around school because of the stresses of work, university application and crowds of people. Some days are worse than others for no reason at all but my anxiety is better when I have less lessons and more free time by myself or with friends.

6)Have you made any changes to your life because of anxiety?<
have had to find differing ways to control my anxiety. I have also learnt that it is important to face your fears but also realise it’s ok to stay within your comfort zone too. Also, you have to realise who to confide in regarding anxiety as some people will not help you through it at all.

7)Do any foods make your anxiety worse?<
ot that I know of but possibly fast food. I can’t eat lots of fast food because of my gluten and dairy allergies but eating chips tends to make me feel bloated and more anxious.

8)Has your anxiety changed with age?<
have learned how to control it more with age. It has also changed with age, as when you are younger you care less what people think. As life becomes more complicated when you are older, you have to take on more responsibility my anxiety has got worse.Also, as I have left behind friends along the way too I have found it more difficult to deal with anxiety.

9)Do people in your life understand your condition? My family find it difficult to understand, some of my friends understand and others don’t at all. However, I also have some friends who do not understand it at all but try to be there for me in any way they can even if it is just going out for a coffee or having a chat in a quiet room.

10)What is your best advice for their struggling with mental health issues?<
would say that talking to someone about what you are feeling is so important, you can’t keep these feelings to yourself. I would say to take every day as it comes and try to figure out your own ways to control your anxiety. If you need help go for it but make sure you have researched a range of different options first!<
his is a good website to check out!! 💭

As well as the NHS website too!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and it was beneficial/ interesting to some of you guys

Larissa xox

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