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Hi everyone!

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by a blogger called Dani, who writes at Behind Stress. She came to me about a campaign she started with somebody else and as soon as I knew what it was, I knew I wanted to talk about it or here. Both to spread awareness about it and also to show that people do go out and make a difference.

Two friends have set up an organisation called The Key to Tomorrow. Its aim is to “make helping people easier”: every season, they help a different charity. It’s not just them: they encourage anyone who wants to to get involved. For instance, this season, they’re helping local homeless shelters: you can donate items such as clothes to your local shelters.

What I love about this is the aim. I feel like the whole spirit of this is that anyone can help anyone else, regardless of gender, age, or any category or box you can put people in. Influencing one person, or helping one person, at a time can start to have a snowball effect where you can make some serious positive changes.

It isn’t just big organisations who can do something. If you start out small from a genuine place of love then you can slowly start to help more and more people, more and more charities, as I know these friends want to do.. I wish I’d thought of something like this; they’ve shown they’re committed to helping, not just talking about it, because they’ve set this up.

Next season, they’re looking to promote awareness of mental health, gender or why it’s a great idea to volunteer. Needless to say, I absolutely love all three of these ideas. Their spring logo will be available on their website; I’ve attached the winter logo as a featured image on this post.

I honestly get really inspired when anything like this happens. When people my age – or any age – want to get involved with charities, it further inspires me to want to do something. As many of you know, I thrive off helping people and making their lives a little easier, whether that be by talking or doing something practical for them if I can. This kind of organisation is perfect for that mindset and I know I’m going to try and get involved for that reason. It’d be great if some of you could, too. If enough people help, you can change the lives of others. (That should become my slogan)

Contact Information

TKTM’s website can be found here – or alternatively on Instagram – @thekeytotomorrow – or Twitter – @keytotomorrow.

As well as that, you can find Dani on her blog and also on her Twitter. She, along with her friend, is an incredibly creative person and I admire them so much because they are seeking to help people in any way they can. As they say, “anyone can help” and I completely agree with that. Give people a means to help others and they could do anything.

I’ve really liked doing these kinds of posts. If you like it also, have any feedback or would like me to talk about any organisations or movements you’ve set up, you can Email me or visit my contact page. I’d love to hear what you thought!

From Elm 🙂

4 thoughts on “The Key To Tomorrow | An Amazing Organisation

  1. Awe this is such a lovely idea for a charity❤ It makes me so so happy that people actually took the time to do something as awesome as this🙂

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