I Told my Mum about My Blog??

As you can tell by the title, something pretty amazing happened a few days ago. Really, I’m still in shock that it actually happened. You won’t understand how confusing the title is to me until I explain a bit about my mother, so here we go.

My mum can be a very suspicious woman. She regularly tells me about the dangers of talking to people online or going online in the first place and in the past, I’ve had to make up stories about where exactly I’ve met some of my friends. When I’ve brought up online things in the past, she’s shut me down and not only that but she’s extremely, extremely over-protective of me because I’m visually impaired. Partly because of how she treats me, I’m not very open to telling her anything whatsoever. However, I appear to have not given her enough credit.

Two days ago, the morning after she and I had had one of our biggest arguments in which bad mental health only made an appearance to myself, I was sitting at the kitchen table. I’d been internalising a lot of horrific stuff the night before but that morning, I wasn’t so agitated and I was thinking about how far my writing style had come compared to how it was before. Calmly eating, pondering her apology to me an hour before and also the state of my blog, something wild snapped in my mind. “Oh fuck it,” were my actual thoughts. Whenever I think like that, I either a) Do something very stupid, b) Make a spontaneous decision that turns out really well or c) Decide I don’t have anything to lose. I’m not entirely sure which one I did that day.

“Mum, can I tell you something?” There. Those words were out in the open and as you know, following those words always comes a ‘big’ announcement. I stopped what I was doing and focused my entire attention on saying it – I couldn’t tell you why I picked then to explain, or why I even told her.
“Sure,” she said. I was absolutely terrified for a split second before it all went blank. This was huge for me and I hadn’t even thought about it??!! What was I doing?!

So, I told her. I said I had a blog, that my sister knew because she had a blog for her art but that I never showed anyone mine, that I’d been doing it for over two and a half years. She didn’t speak throughout my explanation and I spoke in the most matter-of-fact way ever. I was so incredibly casual about it that I don’t quite think she understood how huge it was for me.

“…And I wanted to tell you because it’s a really big part of my life so yeah,” I finished. It didn’t feel like a weight had been lifted off because telling her had never worried me. Telling her about this blog was never something that had even gone into the realms of possibility.

Her response? “Well done.” Nothing else. She asked me no questions; she didn’t ask anything apart from what I wrote about. I told her the truth: that I screamed about my boring as fuck life and that a few people read it. I didn’t tell her how happy it made me and that writing connected me to myself in a way that I’d missed. I didn’t tell her how much support people reading this give me and how much I love them for it. That’ll come later – or maybe never.

Sorry, can I just – WHAT??? I told my mother??? Someone who doesn’t know exactly how I met some of the closest friends I could ever have?

I still can’t believe I did that. My mother – the person who constantly worries about where I am, what I’m doing – was completely fine with my blog?? Of course, I haven’t told her that I’ve met people from online, or just how closely connected I am to the ‘blogosphere’ because I think I should leave that until she’s more used to the idea. The fact is, I’ve revealed a massive part of my life to the parent I least expected to be fine with it.

This has shown me not to judge people too harshly. Sometimes, opening up isn’t the best idea but other times, it can really make things easier. I don’t think I could have done this a year ago and maybe it was a mistake because I know she doesn’t understand it but you know what? I’ll give her time. I’ll give her the benefit of the doubt.

Now that both my parents know, I don’t know how to feel. I suppose it’s nice that they know – or rather, BLOODY CONFUSING because I thought I was a complete whimp – but I’m still 100% going to keep the anonymity. Being able to express myself in the limited way I can (because people from real life read this a bit) is so much better than not being able to express myself at all.

Thank you so much to everyone that’s supported me the last few days. It hasn’t been easy because I’ve been feeling really down, more so than usual, but I’m trying my best to take a break from things that stress me. Blogging gives me a purpose and telling my mum connected me back to that purpose.

Have you told your parents about your blog? Would you? I never thought I would until I did and sometimes, their reactions are surprising. Don’t pressure yourself into anything and only tell people if you feel like you want to because this is your space.

Love from Elm 🙂

61 thoughts on “I Told my Mum about My Blog??

  1. My parents have known from the beginning. Believe me even at over 40 it’s still daunting when I press publish knowing they read it sometimes!

  2. Yay Elm I’m so proud of you!! It took me almost two years to tell my parents, but they were surprisingly okay with it. They occasionally ask me what I write about or if I still keep in touch with my blogging friends, but aside from that they never really mention it. The only thing is I don’t think they realise how important the community is to me so I don’t really know how to broach the subject of meeting up with internet friends with them haha. Oh well!

    • Yesss I totally get that. My dad is really supportive but I’m not sure how well he understands that the online community is so so important to me 🙂 maybe next time they talk to you about it, bring up potentially meeting internet friends one day and see how they react!

  3. I’m really glad you felt brave enough to tell her and there weren’t any negative repercussions as a result

  4. Yay!! I’m so proud of you Elm! I told my mum about my blog near the start but I haven’t told the rest of my family. My mum doesn’t really ask about my blog (she started following me on Twitter not too long ago which is seriously weird 😂) but I talk to her all about everyone I talk to online, in the hope that she’ll be okay with me meeting with them in the future. Hopefully anyway 😊

    • That would be amazing! I’m so proud of you for doing that, and for being so open with your mum about it. I haven’t got to that stage yet.
      I’d love to meet you one day 🙂 that would be such a fab thing! Also ahhh I couldn’t imagine either of my parents following me on my blog social media!

      • YES!! We definitely have to meet up one day! Also, it’s not too bad with my mum following my Twitter as she rarely goes on it and doesn’t really know how to use it which is a blessing 😂

  5. Wow. A huge step for you was telling your mum…. congratulations!! I told my mum when I first made one and she started telling everyone and I got so embarrassed and told her I deleted it. But everyone knows I still run one.

    • Ahhhh I can only imagine how embarrassing that must have been 😦 well, be proud of yourself for your blog because it’s amazing. I just caught up on some of your posts – I’ll try and drop some comments tomorrow. You are such a good writer in how your style is so friendly and also thoughtful 🙂 xx thanks by the way – I still can’t believe I did that!

  6. That’s amazing, Elm! When I started this new blog of mine, I kind of told my parents about it too, unlike the previous one. But, it is seriously weird when they try reading it haha

    • AHHH it really is! I only gave my dad the link for context – so neither of them read it and I honestly like it that way 😀 How’s your blog going?

      • That’s cool. Well, uni is getting a bit too hectic. I am still trying to blog once in a while. Not as often as I want too though. :/

  7. Wow! That’s AWESOME! 😀😀

    I’m glad you told your Mum & that it turned out alright at the end! It must have needed a massive amount of bravery for you to do that – especially after 2 years & a half! 😊

    I told my Mum about my blog a few months after I started it! She doesn’t read it much (I guess because she doesn’t really like to read that much in general), but I’m fine with that! At first, she didn’t seem to get the concept of blogging & she thought I’ll get bored & not continue writing on it – but over the months when she saw me attached to my blog, she started becoming more and more supportive! 😍

    Sometimes though, when I’m using my laptop to study…she gets parnoid that I’m blogging instead of studying! During these times, she doesn’t really support my blog as much like studying, claiming that “studying is much more important that blogging” – which I guess is kind of right. 😂😂

    BUT still, blogging is still very important & relevant to me and my life! And I agree with you “we shouldn’t judge people too harshly” 😌


  8. I don’t think I’d ever tell my parents about my blog. I’ve told my older sister I have one, but she doesn’t know the name or how to find it. I feel like blogging is my own personal escape, and I don’t really want to people I know in person to intrude on it. Congrats on telling your mom though, you’re much braver than me!

  9. My parents know but only because like I needed someone to pay for a custom domain and I wanted to ask my dad about which platform to use (he had a blog).They don’t read any of my posts tho😕😂

  10. I am so happy that you finally got to tell your mom… it is amazing to share stuff that gives you joy especially to the people you love most. Congrats! When I was younger, my parents knew about my blogging because it’s monetized and I got sponsors so I had to explain where the products come from. But now that I am older, no one in my family cared about what I write… which is cool because I often write about them…

  11. You told your mum?! Whoaoa congratulations!! I remember you telling before that she didn’t have an idea at all.
    I do get how this feels, like awjsjjsakfas!!! Because I haven’t told my dad yet. That’s because he is more like your mum, and would want to monitor me. So I’m GAPING rn!
    And noo I haven’t even hinted about the amazing community I’ve met here, because I’m sure it’ll take a lot of time to actually understand. 🙂 xxx

  12. Wow… That was a really big step you took. Well done! I think I’ve told my mom about my blog before and she didn’t seem to mind… Or care. With time, I bet your mom will get to understand how happy blogging makes you. 🙂🙂

  13. Ahhh I’m so proud of you Elm and I’m so glad to hear that she took it well! ❤️ I told my mom about a few months when I started my blog I think? She was really proud haha. In the beginning she sometimes read my blog, now she doesn’t anymore thankfully. I love her but I felt really vulnerable when I found out she sometimes read it

  14. Yay well done for telling her! If she ever reads your posts I know she’ll be super proud of you because your writing is incredible. I completely get the feeling of wondering what your parents might think. I didn’t tell my parents about my blog until a year after I started blogging and I was actually quite scared because like you’re mum they are very wary of the online world and talking to people online but they were so supportive which was such a nice feeling. My mum now reads all my posts, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that to begin with but now I’m really happy I told her and I know the reason she reads them is because she’s proud which is such a nice feeling xx

  15. My mum has always known about my blog. I tell her not to read it (though she could probably find it quite easily if she wanted to) and she respects my wishes. She just wants me to do what I want, and she supports me. I’m glad that your mum reacted better than you expected. Tbh when I told my mum I acted like it wasn’t a massive deal so she wouldn’t think it was either. However, she does get interested in how it’s going sometimes and just asks me about it, which is cool. I’m very open with her in general 😙

    • Yay that’s so fab! I did a similar thing with my mum, in how I pretended it wasn’t a big deal. It’s great that they both have a positive reaction! Xx

  16. I refuse to tell my mother my father doesn’t do the internet and my husband knows but I won’t let him read it lol. It’s scary telling someone else about some thing so personal

  17. Elm! I’m so happy for you! Good to know that it turned out so much more better than you expected. I was a nervous wreck when I told my parents about mine – they were very supportive and I was so shocked by their reaction haha!

  18. Well done! I know I haven’t followed you for long or had a blog long for that matter but it’s definetly a big deal for anyone.

  19. A great piece of writting. I haven’t told my family yet that I’ve started blogging, only my husband knows. Want to see how it goes first then I’ll consider telling everyone else.

      • Hi Elm. Yeah, it’s goin ok. I’m enjoying it so that’s the main thing. It is a bit stressful though, haven’t got much following yet and wondering if it’s my writing that people aren’t interested in or if it will just take time… Hopefully the latter.
        Anyway, hope you are well. xxx

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