Side Character in My Own Story

I am the comma
In a sentence, the afterthought
To a word, trailing off in the middle and
Never the important sort
Of ellipses.

I’m the backing vocals
At the height of a crescendo, hope
In quiet harmony, unheard,
Falling down a slope
To lie, a discarded melody.

I am the old love interest,
Story-tired, something better ready to leap
Over my head, the readers
Never thinking how much it hurts to keep
Smiling, hiding, smiling…

I never finish the glorious tale of two
Who are happy without the underdeveloped character
With too many tears, whose chapter
Ends with a question mark.

I am the sorrow and muted horror
When love gives way to nothing-
The writer spirals somewhere different,
Pain too lonely, too boring,
But where’s that story arc for that?

The words write me,
Heartbreak created from an apostrophe-
I, a possession, owned by failure,
Vanishing into a sidestory
Of the story’s saviour.

From Elm πŸ™‚

27 thoughts on “Side Character in My Own Story

  1. elm, I am all of these things as well…the shadowy presence of a ghost of someone who once was…thanks for sharing…

  2. oh fricking heell how do you do it. so much emotion and even rhyming and just more and more beautiful, raw emotion.. so freaking beautiful elm

    also, when you are feeling like this? just remember. you are every single word and sentence and paragraph. you are all the words and the writing and the beautiful ink flowing out of a pen. you are everything elm. you are the author of your own story. im not gonna be unrealistic and say this is always the case because sure, soemtimes we don’t get to decide stuff. but remember you are aweome, we all love and you matter.

    you are so incredibly important to each and every one of us. your blog and your support and you in general. you’re amazing elm. and when you are feelings like this i just want to let you know that we value every single word you write and i’ll leave this comment on this note: you are the main character and you always will be. this is your story. live it because you are important and you matter xx

    (sorry if this dosen’t make sense. insanity comes after intense love for your posts haha)

    • Ohh Ilsa you are truly amazing πŸ™‚ Seriously I feel like crying because your words hit me so hard when I needed to hear them. Thank you for making me feel valued. Thank you for writing such beautiful words and being so lovely and inspirational. Oh my God I feel like I’m about to start crying! You just made me so happy XX

  3. This is absolutely amazing and i relate so so much…you’re brilliant with words ElmπŸ–€πŸ’•

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