When a friend has something great happen to them, I have two in-built responses.
1. I smile politely, congratulate them on their achievement, and then back off to a corner to bitterly sulk as to why they are so much better than me and why they can do everything that I am so bad at.
2. I squeak in excitement, give them a huge hug and tell them – genuinely – how proud of them I am, because I care about them, and they are a close enough friend for their successes to feel like my own.

Elm – our dear Elm – is one of these amazing, close friends, and it gives me such pride to be here today, writing her 18th birthday post. Happy birthday, elm, and welcome to adulthood.
[This is the part where I give the ‘words of wisdom’, but I’m 16 and pretty thick so hahaha good luck Elm!]
I hope you are having a brilliant day, filled with fun, laughter, and your friends and family.
And cake. because cake is good.

I didn’t feel worthy of writing such a momentous post all by myself, so I enlisted the help of some fabulous bloggers and Internet pals, to wish our dear tree leader a happy coming-of-age.

“Happy Birthday Elm! I can’t believe you are 18, I think we started talking when you were only 15 or 16. You are such a fantastic friend and a wonderful person and I feel privileged to call you my friend. I admire your dedication to blogging and how you help so many people with what you write. Never forget how far you have come, I know some days are hard but so far you have got through every shitty day which shows just how strong you are. Happy Birthday once again, from Ocean”

“As someone who’s kept me grounded like an anchor and kept me on the right trail, it’s only fitting you have a slightly above average birthday because of all the residue this past year has left on you”

“Elm, you’re absolutely definitely truthfully the worst person I’ve ever met and I hate you. By that I mean that I love you so, so much and I think you’re amazing! You’re so strong, intelligent, independent and hilarious, and I couldn’t wish for a better gal pal. I adore you, weirdo. Keep going, and a massive happy birthday from meeeee! X”

“You know Elm, I don’t know you nearly as well as I’d like to, something I’m hoping to change in 2018! But from what I do know, I know that you’re so kind and selfless and always there to voice your support for people however big or small the issue. And beyond that, you show your support for happy things too! It’s easy enough to chuck out some heart emojis under a sad tweet but it requires authenticity to go ahead and share your joy under a happy tweet. I really do like that about you. You’ve shared a lot of struggles with us over the past few months and I’m proud to see the progress you’ve made, I only hope that you find more happiness over the next year and beyond! Happy Birthday Elm :)”

“Elmm!! Welcome to the 18 (or 81 😂) club – we’re all old here and have to take several naps to get through the day, but it’s all good fun! Thank you for blessing the blogging community with your beautiful writing, but most importantly thanks for being such a kind and caring friend. I hope you have the loveliest birthday – you really deserve it! xx”

Astrid< a href=””>BlogTwitter “ELM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH- I hope to Skype with you more and to have a massive catch up 🙂 thank you for always supporting me and other people who are in such hard times and when you write about your experiences, you’re helping people massively as they know they aren’t alone so thank you Elm 🙂 I hope you’re gonna have an awesome 18th birthday, you’re an adult now; I have an adult friend OMFG!! Haha, I wish you the best year and I LOVE YOU :)”

Dziey< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Happy birthday Elm! You’re the star of WordPress and I hope you have a very very awesome birthday!”

It’s so heartwarming to see the lovely things that everyone has to say about Elm: she is such a key part of the blogging community, and a foundation in so many friendship groups both on and offline. I’m honoured to be classed as Elm’s friend each and every day, and it always makes me smile when something great happens to her, because she deserves it more than anyne else I know.

Bethany< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Happy birthday Elm!!! It’s crazy to think that you’re 18 now, an adult. Sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel old in any way, whoops. Anyway, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for always being there for me this year. I always feel like you’re my mini cheerleader which always makes me smile and also convince myself to keep going with this blogging thing and to even start expanding that next year! I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you and I hope I can come along for the ride, if only through a screen. Happy birthday!! Xxx”

Eve< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Elm – I am so lucky to know you, I can’t believe we have been blogging friends for so long. You always write beautiful & relatable posts, many of which have really helped me. You support others so much and are genuinely just super wonderful. GO YOU ❤️ Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!”

JasmineBlogTwitter “ELMMMM – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A year ago (oh my gosh i’ve known you for a yearrrr) when I was just starting out blogging and you commented on my posts, I had no idea you would become a person I trust and respect so, so much. You’re such a lovely, kind and supportive person that puts absolutely everyone above yourself. Your caring nature has made you practically a role model figure in the blogging community, even a motherly figure! (which is a compliment I promise😂) It’s an absolute pleasure to know you Elm, you’re an amazing human, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! Have the most AMAZING 18th full of fun and laughter, you deserve that and more Enter adult life with a blast!! Xxxx Elm: you have achieved so, so much in the first 18 years of your life — as a child. The rest of your life lies ahead of you, waiting for you to take charge of it. I know you will, and I know you will have every success going in the future, and I simply can’t wait to observe that for myself. You’re strong, caring, funny and so, so much more, and I can say with every certainty that those who are lucky enough to know you are just that — lucky. They are lucky, like me, because you are the most fabulous person I know.<br<br
ohol nowww LOL

This year, it can be your birthday.<br

28 thoughts on “BIRTHDAY BADGE: Elm is 1…8?

  1. Happy 18th birthday Elm! You survived your teen years, adulthood is not as scary as some make it out to be. Sure the fun kinda ends and adulthood can be hard…BUT in my experience, my teen years were the worse years. And I hear that very often. Welcome to adulthood!

  2. I’m fucking sobbing I love you so so much, L, oh my god thank YOU FOR DOING THIS!!!!
    Thank you to everyone who did this and got involved and you’re all beautiful and I’m crying again – no one has ever done this for me before ever
    I am so happy to be part of this community – it’s 2 AM in the morning and I’m sobbing at the kindness of people who have become my trusted friends and who understand me so much. Always keep smiling and being yourselves because the world needs you, I need you and everyone around you needs you, whether you’re feeling happy, unhappy or somewhere in between.
    HUGEEEE love from Elm xxxx

  3. Thank you L for being an absolute legend to plan this, you have an amazing birthday today😄❤ And happy birthday Elmmmm❤😃 *huggss* to you both xx

  4. Happy Birthday Elm! You are an amazing young woman, an old soul with a huge heart and an immense talent. I know this next chapter in your life is going to be extraordinary. Best Wishes!!!!

  5. welcome to the world of adulthood, i’ve been an adult for like 6 months now and i can say i feel about 2… hope you had a good day and thanks L for this awesome post 😊

  6. This is really late but happy birthday, Elm!! This post was honestly so great to read and L is amazing for doing this! You’re an awesome person and I’m so glad to have known you! Happy 18th – I hope adulthood is good for you 🙂

  7. AAhhh! Happy birthday, Elm!!! I’m so happy that we found each other’s blogs!! It’s too bad that I’m gonna be stuck in the “teens” for a while… Heh. I hope you have an amazing, wonderful, fantastic, beautiful day!! 18 for 2018! Woop Woop! ❤

  8. Goshh I’m so so glaaadd I got to know you Elm!!! I already wished you on Twitter but idk if you noticed it. You are such an amazingg peeson. I love you so much!!
    I wish to wish we get to Skype again sometime!! Aaahh❤❤❤❤❤

  9. Wow. I can’t beleie you’re only 18! Happy birthday btw…

    I don’t know how someone so young can write such an inspiring page. I’ve only just started, and reading through your posts, your style is very similar to mine…. I’m pretty sure that’s a credit to you as I am old enough to me you Mum!

    Anyway. Keep up the brilliant work, I’m sure your career is going to be filled with exciting adventures x

  10. I’m super late! But Happy birthday Elm… 😊😊🎂🎂. I don’t know you enough to say anything huge, but your blog has been so much of an inspiration to me. Thank you.

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