Hiding from The Beast from the East

This morning, I stepped out of the taxi (I live 40 minutes away from school so that’s why I get it), gasped in confusion at the fact that there was frosty ice-snow on the ground, took a step and nearly shrieked because snow crunched under my feet. Actual snow. In England. In March.

Now, before you start shrieking, “WHAT, it’s been on the news for days, everyone’s wailing about it, are you blind or something?” I’d reply with the fact that I was ill yesterday, very inattentive on Tuesday and ill again on Monday. Yes, I’m blind, and I also was fully aware of the hysteria surrounding this storm. I, erm, didn’t parttake in that hysteria. No way.

I’m not talking about the places where there are red alert weather warnings, such as Scotland, Wales and some of the south of England. They’re justified in panicking – look at my awesome friend‘s post. I’m talking about the fact that after one flake of snow, people start screaming in fear. Not me, of course not, HAHAHAHA where would you get that impression from??

Yesterday, I approached the storm’s existence in a normal fashion. I had some of the best Twitter conversations with my new friends Mason and ABG. Can I just say, you make friends in the strangest of places. Jokes such as #Snunderstorms, magic carpets and Mason screaming about Aladin made me laugh so hard I cackled. It gave me a sense of security – I could handle the snow that wasn’t even bad in the morning.

Picture this. Snow is on either side of me as I walk down the path, the grass covered in a blanket of white. I turn left – all is fine. I walk on, the cold biting into my un-scarved neck because I’m stupid and didn’t bring one and I think my neck is frozen. Everything is good as I turn right again, my face peeking out from behind the building. I start making my way towards the sixth form block and oh shit no, it’s slippy. “I am dignified,” I think, “I will not fall over, I will not scream and I certainly will not start panicking!”

“there are some steps there,” says an unidentifiable staff member. I squeak mumble an acknowledgement and wander on. I’m just veering down the little slope – which was difficult to do with a cane and freezing senses – when someone approaches me.

“Hi Elm! How are you?” says one of the leading staff members in the sixth form.

“Oh hi yeah I’m doing really great actually! I just have to go really reeaally slowly so I don’t slip, it’s quite difficult hahaha!” True to form, I laugh painfully awkwardly and walk into the sixth form building, making some inane remark about how fucking freezing it is to another teacher.

You see, it’s not that I hate snow, or that I particularly like it. I find it difficult to walk in it on account of using a cane and it throws off my balance. The snow wasn’t deep enough for me to stand in it and to hear that awesome snow-sound. I don’t want to get ill again and I kept on yelling about this throughout the day, most likely pissing everyone off because I was making a fuss over nothing.

In lessons and at break, people kept on staring out of the window and discussing the possibility of it being a snow day tomorrow. We were all hoping for it – 30 teachers didn’t make it into school today and I think everyone was getting frustrated. Personally, I was hoping for it but also, I’ve only attended 2 days of school this week: today and Tuesday.

For once, our wishes were granted – an “executive decision” was made for there to be a snow day tomorrow. I’m still inwardly cheering but also panicking. Tonight, I’lll do some work, chat with friends and just relax (I’ve been doing it for the last 18 years so…).

If we can, I’m seeing my sister in Norwich tomorrow where she goes to university. Because the roads are quite dangerous at the minute, we’re not sure whether we can go; I’d love to see her and she and I will be so sad if we can’t. Saying that, I really don’t want to be put in danger from the snow or put anything else in danger either.

All in all, I think I’m going to hybernate. I’m sitting here now with a hot chocolate, my hands still really dry from when I was in Wales, filming, at the weekend. (More on that in a future blog post, I promise!) For now, I’m pretending that it’s not cold outside and that I’m perfectly composed.

I hope you enjoyed my somewhat nonsensical ramblings. I thought I’d make an easier post, where I don’t stress and just write. Let me know what you think!

Have you got snow where you are? If you’re not in England, how often do you get snow?

From Elm 🙂

35 thoughts on “Hiding from The Beast from the East

  1. 30 TEACHERS DIDN’T MAKE IT INTO SCHOOL? DUDE? HOW MANY TEACHERS DO YOU HAVE? Honestly, the blizzard is still out there and stuff like right now and it’s also raining at the same time but I just want to go for a walk because it feels so aesthetic! I hope you’ll be okay though, I’m worried about you slipping.

    • WE HAVE LOADS BECAUSE OUR SCHOOL IS HUGE AND also don’t worry about me slipping, I’ll just artfully fall. Go out in the snow if you can! X

  2. I’m in the south west (Bristol/bath area) and while we didn’t get the snow until later on, we REALLY have it now. There is a literal snow drift up my door, yesterday my school declared two snow days and I doubt we’ll be in on Monday if it keeps snowing (I can hope!). Loved this post Elm, gave me a lovely little chuckle x

    • Oh my God! I hope you’re alright. Are you snowed in or not? The snow is not actually that bad here 🙂 and I’m glad you liked reading XX

      • We’re doing alright! There’s not supposed to be anymore snow now: more rain and lots of wind. There’s a drift in front of our door & it’s really deep, but we’ll be fine! I’m from the North of England originally and this is pretty tame snow compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen before haaha😅😂x

  3. Hibernating + hot chocolate sounds 👌🏽 “I thought I’d make an easier post, where I don’t stress and just write” – I liked it! It flowed 🙂

  4. Up North we’ve had loads, been off school since wednesday, and hibernated just like you planned :’) I really want to go out and play but don’t want to get sick either 😦
    Stay warm out there x

  5. It was snowing where I was too ( Well, 7 days ago…) And we got 2 and a half days off, then the weekend. And then it started raining on Sunday and everything was back to normal. Hope it was safe where you were.

    • It wasn’t too bad! I managed 😀 We just couldn’t go and see my sister which was sad. But yay!! Glad it cleared up xx

      • It’s good that it wasn’t too bad. I think it’s better to stay safe, you can see your sister another time, not worrying about putting yourself or others in danger. ❤

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