I Have No Time

I was going to begin this post with a “It’s only (insert number here) days until my A-Levels!” and then I realised that the very thought of doing that stressed me out to the point where everything felt cold and I wanted to slip under the school desk I’m sitting at and never emerge again. That’s nothing unfamiliar from the usual and that’s the issue: I’m constantly stressed, constantly terrified and unable to find time to do anything I want. Blogging, talking to friends, relaxing, reading – all of these I’ll be talking about in this post, as well as sobbing generally over my lack of organisation.

On Tuesday, the day I was supposed to be doing my history mock because I was ill the Wednesday prior, our school gave us an assembly that totally fucked up my day and, in short, made me cry. They told us that we should be more panicked, more stressed because our A-Levels are soon, that we should start taking responsibility for our own learning even more than we already do. I’m sure they meant it as a way for us to realise the “urgency”, as they put it, of the lack of time we actually have but it did the opposite for me. It increased my panic, to the point where I could barely breathe whilst listening; I walked downstairs and sat there for a good 15 minutes unable to do anything but breathe raggedly in utter fear.

I never ended up doing that mock in those 3 hours, lying that I’d finished it – I was doing it in my own time anyway – being wildly upset when I was doing other work that ended up helping me in the long run and eventually doing it in the evening where I worked far more productively. But that cut down on my time to do other things; it piled up and I cried twice that day: once in the toilets before lunch so nobody would see and another time at home. In counselling yestarday I told Jane all this, bursting out in a rush along with my general frustration and anger. All that screaming negativity made me realise something, properly for the first time: I don’t have time to do absolutely everything.

There are some people who can balance work with a social life, whilst having good and consistent mental health, can do a few of their hobbies and still have time to relax afterwards. I’m not one of those people. At the moment, I have extremely unstable mental health, no two ways about it; I’m barely able to keep afloat with work; I haven’t read a book for fun in months; my communication with friends has worsened if that’s even possible; I’m always tense. I try to do so many things that I never end up doing any of them, leading to so much stress and I suppose you’d call it anxiety. I withdraw myself, making myself feel so guilty that I try my best to be a good friend which makes me feel guilty for not doing work. It’s quite the cycle.

I love my friends; they’re the ones that have kept me going. Talking to some of my blogging friends at weekends has made me smile and gives a bit of routine to my mind. However, I haven’t been meeting people outside school and my energy for socialising has decreased dramatically. Instead of attacking myself for that, I need to remember that I don’t have an obligation to talk to people all the time: my brain has a lot going on within it and I’m always stressed. I don’t need another stressor on top of that because friends shouldn’t be a stressing factor at all. They’re friends and understand what’s happening, or they will when I explain it to all of them.

What makes me quite sad is that I haven’t given myself time to relax. Apart from extending my skincare routine on weekends, I just haven’t put any effort into making myself feel calm. My logic is that if I don’t have time to talk, I also shouldn’t give myself time to relax either. That’s crap logic. To try and get past that, I bought a few books recently and I’m re-reading Ink and Bone which I bloody love. I’m also trying to go to bed early; my sleep patterns have been so awful for the last few months and I want to fix that. Relaxing is so important, more important than working yourself to the ground. Now, if I could only take my own advice…

*3 decades later* well oops, looks like that might take a lot more work.

You may have noticed that I haven’t been posting recently. I mean you might not have, I’m kind of an insignificant dust speck in space and AAAAHH I’ll just stop talking… Anyway, the reason is simple: I’ve had even less time for blogging. Unlike with GCSEs, I’d rather be writing than studying but I don’t have much of an option. Every time I realise how much I miss blogging I feel quite upset and guilty but that gets me into a horrible mindset. I don’t know what my posts will be like, or when I’ll post them, over the next few months. I could pick myself up or I could slither away into a hole of despair but no matter what, I’m not leaving this blog. Posts just might be a bit short or infrequent but it’s coming up to my 3 year anniversary on here and I want to do something for it.

Schoolwork hasn’t been as monstrous as I thought. I’ve caught up on some notes, written essays, completed bits of homework and almost finished my english coursework, I’d like to say tentatively? things aren’t good but I don’t want to hide utterly right now which is a positive. I’ve kept up more of a dialogue with teachers and I just want to get that work done and not keep crying out of fear and desperation again. It’s an exhausting way to live and as I said to Jane yesterday, I hate it.

Honestly, I’m not sure what I’ll do from here. As I’m feeling rather erratic because of work, uncontrollable feelings and confusion, I can’t very well predict my own behaviour. Bare with me because I’m trying and my trying may not be enough but if it is, things may get a tiny bit more bearable. All I know is that time is running out and I don’t have much more time before exams but in that time, I plan to be as alright as I can be.

How do you manage your time? Also, do you have any ideas about what I should do for my 3 years?

From Elm πŸ™‚

21 thoughts on “I Have No Time

  1. Ah, I remember A-levels! I only did them last year but every time I think about them, I cringe and want to cry a little. But, it’s okay now! I made into the uni and course I wanted. Are you in your second year? If so, just a few tips on how I survived A-levels:

    1) Be patient: you can’t expect to learn all the information in a day or in a week. Split up your revision sessions and make sure you give yourself regular breaks. One rule I have is: ‘If I don’t feel like it, I don’t do it”. Simple. You will never retain any information if you force yourself.

    2) Don’t compare your achievements with others: Especially when exams roll around, it’s so tempting to look around and see other people being fine. But, honestly, probably they’re just as if not, more freaked out as you are! Some people are just good actors. Also, it’s important that you don’t put yourself down saying, “Oh, I don’t know the core content/difficult stuff, but *insert name* does”. SO WHAT IF THEY KNOW!! You’ve learned some bits that others probably haven’t.

    3) It’s not the end of the world: I guess I can say that now since I’m done with it. But, I was in your shoes last year. It felt as if the weight of the world was on my shoulders and if I didn’t pass my exams, everything would be over. It’s not honestly. Life is more than just exams and don’t forget, IT’S JUST A PIECE OF PAPER!! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t work hard. You should, but be kind to yourself and learn what works for you.

    I know this comment is long but just reading this reminded me of myself last year. It bought back painful memories and I felt like I should share my wisdom a little. It’s crazy what you can learn about yourself when you’re going to through tough times. Hang in there! I believe in you!!

  2. Honestly, I know exactly how you feel. I’m horrible at managing time and the urgency of the situation and exams and stuff is just stressing me out further more. Instead of getting motivated to work, I’m stopping to care about anything and I just want everything to stop.

    I can’t find motivation to study and I can’t find myself doing any work but I hope I’ll get to it soon and I hope you’ll be okay! I’m worried β™₯!!

  3. Hey! I recommend using a priority matrix, you can find them online, they’re really useful to sort out Your work πŸ™‚ Also have a dedicated morning and night routine, for example I always stop whatever I’m doing at 7:00 and run a bath. I tidy up and do chores while its running before finally relaxing for a good hour or two before going to sleep πŸ™‚
    I’ve struggled with this sort of thing for years and have developed certain habits to keep me sane, let me know if you need any more help! X

    • That’s such a good idea!! Baths are great πŸ™‚ I’m not feeling too bad right now; I’m just trying to calm down a little and do work I NEED to do. That priority matrix sounds fab – thanks! This is so helpful πŸ™‚

  4. I’m taking something equivalent to you guy’s A-Levels my self!
    If you really need to de-stress chocolate, Mozart and milk really helps.
    Yeah. Milk. Apparently milk can soothe you. Something with dopamine secretion.

    Good luck!

    • I… Honestly hate milk apart from when it’s in tea or hot chocolate. But CHOCOLATE ALSO YAY!! What’s it like – you live in Australia right – over there with exams?

  5. Good luck with your A levels! I’m doing my GCSES at the moment and exams suck- school assemblies are even worse! Keep up the positivity and I hope everything works out well for you.

  6. Omg I know I’m so late, but I wish you got great results on your A levels! I also have had very few time for these past weeks especially, argh why
    I’m not really organized, at least I don’t think so. I mean, I get everything done before the deadlines, but idk, I think I could manage my time better.

    Great post!!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you!!! I get you there, it’s so hard for me to do things proactively ARGHH! And I get my results in August and do my exams in June :)) AAA

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