We’re Going to Austria!

By the time this post goes up, I should be just landed in an airport in Vienna. If all goes to plan, we’ll be at the apartment we’re staying in shortly, near the centre of the city. You have no idea how excited I am for this!!!

Who’s we? Well, for the first time ever, my friends and I are going on an independent trip abroad – no parents, no school or anything. It’s me, my friend Swan and another friend (who I need to think of a name for. I might ask Swan on the plane to help me think of one). Now that all our A-Levels are done – She-who-does-not-have-a-name-yet had her last one on Tuesday – we’re going abroad for the freedom and the experience. For a week, we’re away from all the stresses of home and it’s going to be amazing.

This trip took ages to organise, mostly because I’m a lazy bitch and only got my shit together recently. We booked the flights, the accommodation and have quite a few ideas of where we’re going. However, it’s not going to be too intense because none of us need that. This is a way for us to relax and enjoy a place we’ve never been to before. I’m just so happy to be spending the time with friends who I absolutely love.

We’re planning on going to museums, Palace Gardens, some crypts (yes, don’t judge); we want to have a picnic at some point and also to do a ton of walking. We (and by we, I mean my friends because I’m awful) are planning to cook our own meals mostly, to save money. Trust me: my culinary skills can’t even be called skills at this point. The apartment seems lovely and I don’t want to burn it down.

I’m writing this on Monday, procrastinating from packing. Really, I should get on with it but I’m so hyped that I can’t do much else apart from look over potential places to go and screech quietly to myself about the fact that we’re now, vaguely, functioning adults.

Tomorrow – the day before the trip – I’ll schedule some blog posts to go up whilst I’m away. If I don’t have time to write whilst I’m there, then you’ll hear from the present me (that sounds weird) when I get back.

It’s supposed to be boiling in Vienna so I need to go and pack actual warm weather clothes so I don’t become fried. Most likely, it’ll take hours because I’m very, very indecisive.

I hope you all have a wonderful week and that you take some time to relax. As much as possible, I’ll do the same. I will enjoy this time, not tethered to any obligation to revise or stress myself out needlessly.

See you soon!

From Elm 🙂

48 thoughts on “We’re Going to Austria!

  1. AHH so exciting!! I hope you have fun! My friends and I are going to Amsterdam in a few weeks on our own, kind of daunting but I’m so excited too!

  2. Oooh get you!! I hope your trip is amazing! I’m planning on doing something similar with my friends after A levels too! 😄

  3. That.is.so.freaking.awesome! Traveling with friends – ugh i’m so jealous 😭 Wish I could do that too! Have fun girrrrl!! (looks like you’re having so much fun already but.. still have fun! 😂) p.s. stay safe! xoxo

    • AWWW THANK YOU!!! It’s so amazing!!! Travelling with friends is such a thrilling experience 🙂 and yes I am 🙂 we’re going to a festival for the third day :)) how’re you? Xx

  4. OMG OMG A TRIP ABROAD ALL BY YOURSELF!!?? Woww!! Austria must be a brilliant place for the summer!!!
    Aaahhh I can’t believe you are having your first ADULT trip. (Woah it sounds huge)
    HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))

    Do do update it All!! I’m SOO excited for youuu!!! XXXX😃😃😃❤❤

    • THANK YOU SO MUCH IT IS SO GOOD AND WE HAVE BEEN WALKING A LOT AND I AM TIRED???? The weather is so temperamental OMGG and also I can’t believe I’m adulting????? HELPPP I FEEL OLD but it is going to well!!!!!!!!! How’s your summer going? Love ya!!! Xxxx

      • AAAHHH IT FEELS EXCITINGG !!😃😃😍🏖 And I can’t believe either!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A FANTASTIC TIME!! XX❤❤❤

        P.S. I’m going to Spain tomorrow!!!!??! Aahhh😃

  5. Austria is amazing ! Was there in mid June and I loved it !
    Check out my travel adventures in my blog 🙂 I am highlighting my Austrian trip right now

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