Feminism is BS ☯

Disclaimer: Hi everyone! It’s Elm here. Ally wrote a guest post for me and though I don’t agree with some of the content of the post, I don’t want to ever censor my readers as I fundamentally agree with the concept of female empowerment and respect. I want this blog to be a place of open discussion and so because of that, here’s Ally’s post. She worked really hard on it and I want to thank her for writing it!

Hey y’all! This is Ally from Cute But Awkward, and I’m so excited to show off my bomb skills try to let you like me 🙂 here at the stunning blog of Elm. This is a post about feminism and my take on it, so sit back and enjoy! (how cheesy was that intro, amirite?)

My tagline is about me being a feminist. I used to have a category called feminism. I put that because I thought it made a short and nice category name, right? (I changed it to Girl Power, now) But actually feminism is just something women say when they feel threatened, stumped .etc The Urban Dictionary says this about feminism:

It is pretty hypocritical to expect to be treated special because you are a female (such as tighter laws concerning rape or more leniency if a woman becomes pregnant) yet they get upset when they aren’t being treated exactly like a man. The feminists need to realize that women are not better than men. They are EQUAL. You don’t see any laws that provide special treatment for men do you?

I mean, whoever wrote this should really be writing a guest post here, instead of moi. She knows that there is a clear difference between women empowerment and feminism.

Feminism is when women start posting pictures of the finger up and a pink banner with girls run the whole world on it on Instagram; I mean, that’s just plain old LAME.

Women empowerment, however, tells a different story. It’s when women support women, when somebody starts telling people that periods aren’t taboo, like Amika George (related: #ThePeriodParty +  posts by me, Elm, Astrid and Ash and a lot more); it’s when you get that the two genders are totally equal, that you realize how insanely off on logic you were.

Can I just say, that we have bigger problems in this generation to discuss? I mean, even racism has gone down by the million and I’m a dark-skinned person saying this! Ladies, we are free, slavery is abolished, we can vote and now tell me what crap you want to give me under the name of being a so-called freakin’ “FEMINIST”?!

*a long silence* Yeah, that’s what I thought.

So, I hope you all liked this post. Elm will be sparkling her wonders on my blog too, so don’t miss that!

❤ Ally

14 thoughts on “Feminism is BS ☯

  1. When I was younger I thought exactly the same! I used to think we shouldn’t be focusing on feminism because that’s about making men seem lower but feminism (even though there is literally the word “fem” in it) is about equality of all genders and not just that but equality of genders of any race or sexuality. Women empowerment is about lifting up and encouraging other women, as you said, like encouraging the talk of periods, etc. But that’s just all a part of feminism. I tend to think of feminists that downgrade men and try to make women seem entitled as bad feminists or nazi feminists, but that’s not what feminism is and it is an issue we need to discuss in this say and age.

  2. i agree with this wholeheartedly! it’s time to stop thinking of the feminist movement as a race for superiority, and to instead simply embrace the beauty and complexity of our gender for what it is, just as we appreciate men for their unique qualities. great post xx

  3. Feminism being branded a dirty word among women makes me really sad. Women need one another and they need feminism–whether you call it female empowerment or whatever, women need a movement that focusing on creating equality between men and woman in sex, play, pay. Women are STILL catching up to men in economic power (still making less on the dollar then men), and women have a HUGE way to go when it comes to reclaiming our bodies, and our sexuality. The biggest issues facing women today is are threefold: 1) We are facing an attack on our reproductive rights, and 2).secondly, the hypersexualization of the female body, along with the glamorization of sexual violence against women (think of the portrayal of women in video games), and 3) thirdly, we need equal representation in politics, and in being media creators. As of now, we lack representation (think of the gap of female directors versus male directors). I go into more detail here. https://thefemalegaze2017.blog/2018/02/23/for-all-the-beautiful-girls-out-there-you-are-worthy/

  4. Ally needs a history lesson and to get some gratitude. Without feminism, you’d still be property of your father or until you are given to a husband. Without feminism you don’t have your right to vote. Without feminists that came before you you don’t have any rights over your own body and can be legally raped by your husband. The “urban dictionary” is not an accredited dictionary. It gave you the definition of misogyny not feminism.
    Little girls like Ally are lucky they are free to smack talk like that.
    Feminism has nothing to do with man hating, just because some feminists hate men. And yes, men have always been granted more room.

      • You found that rude, Ally? Good. Stew on it and grumble and grow up. Your “essay” is young and being “cute” isn’t enuff. you need to work on your own attitude. You have no humility and you take MUCH for granted. You owe your current liberation to feminists.
        There is NO reason to be polite about it. You haven’t learned your “manners” yet so calling out “rudeness” is bullsh*t.

      • Seriously, bruh, you should be a bit kinder. I write what I feel like and others can feel what I write. Not to brag, but have you seen my peeps behind me? There are a lotta peeps who love me for purely for what I write and nothing else. Plus, I AM young in case you haven’t noticed. I am 13 years old and I will grow up, learning and living on the sweet comments and likes of others, cause I deal with a lot otherwise.

        Literally, no one has ever come to me with criticism and people actually support this post (read the comments, girl).

      • Hi Ally, no I haven’t seen your peeps behind you and I had no idea you were a kid. I read your essay cold as it came up in my reader and I gave you a very honest review that you may consider or not. Take it or leave it.
        When I was 13 my stepmother introduced me to feminism, but honestly I wasn’t clear on it. She simply gave me a book with an inscription in it that read, “To a budding feminist. Happy birthday.” I admired her, so I considered myself one. In college, I did not take the women’s studies courses because when I was 18, I wrongly thought it meant “man-hater.” I had a lot of feminist teachers though… and friends who were shocked that all girls and women weren’t learning their own history. Women’s studies courses have been defunded by politicians for many years as well as women’s health funding has been cut. Women’s wages are still not equal to men for the same jobs. And women who work very hard as mothers, home-makers, care-providers for their elderly parents and other “domestic” jobs often don’t get paid at all yet work all the time.
        I hope you can look past my “manners” and seek for the many truths of what feminism is. It’s different for older women than it is for teens. It’s different for black women than it is for white women. It’s different for lesbian women than it is for straight women, It’s different for men (some men are feminists) than it is for their peers that call feminists “fem-nazis” or “man-haters” and hold a more bi-nary view of gender roles.
        I also hope that in time you’ll see that my criticism was actually very supportive. Education is liberation.
        Anyhow, it’s good you are writing at your age. Best of luck. No hard feelings little sister.

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