Life is Hectic

Sometimes, things happen in my life that make me sit up and ask myself, “Is this really happening?” I’ve had some pretty surreal experiences happen to me over the last year, where my life feels a little bit unreal. It’s hectic, to say the least!

There are memories that I look back on which fill me with joy. Most of those recent ones come from Vienna, where I screamed with laughter around my friends. Walking down the streets, holding onto each other at one point and getting so many things wrong almost made me feel like life couldn’t truly get this hilariously good. I came back to England and the cold shock of ‘reality’ made me pause. To be honest, I don’t quite know what’s happening.

I was approached on Tuesday by a representative of a company, asking me whether I wanted to audition for something. I have to be vague as I can’t actually say what it is. However, when I looked up what was required I almost screamed. This was kind of unfortunate as I was in the middle of a crowded place and so shouting would have drawn too much attention. It’s the kind of thing I never thought could happen, from an industry which I never thought I’d be properly involved in. It’s doubtful that big things will come from it but I want and need that experience. I just hope it can increase my confidence.

Acting has been going well: I’ve been offered jobs and because of my crippling insecurity, it’s been surprising because I honestly thought I was shit. I’ve been in contact with my agent too (and God, that’s weird to say) and I don’t feel like an utter failure. Though I haven’t been to any further auditions, things are looking up, especially as my attitude to everything is slowly improving as my mental health isn’t as unstable as it was before.

On Tuesday night, my heart crashing with emotion, I finally got closure from a situation that had been running round in my head for 8 months. It was the most freeing I’d ever felt and at one point I actually screamed, “I CANNOT BELIEVE I AM HAVING THIS CONVERSATION!” The person in question was amazing about it (I honestly don’t know how I thought it could be any different) and the honesty was refreshing. As it was a huge part of my life and I didn’t want to talk about it on the blog until I got closure, I need to dedicate a whole other blog post to it. Maybe then, I can finally start to process it all.

Friendships have been going so well too, ever since I crawled out of the pit of A-Levels. It’s been surprising to me that I can still be a good friend, that I can still be an interesting person to talk to. Not only have I gained closure as I said above but I’ve also had some pretty honest conversations with some friends about how my actions in the past affected them but also, how they affected me. Very recently, I’ve become friends with Connor and there are some people who you click with immediately and after a day of knowing them, you just know that they’re going to be a part of your life: he’s incredibly kind and inspires me so much; it shocked me that I could still form those connections and not feel like a fraud for having them.

Today, I’m going to a sort of induction at the college for the visually impaired that I’m attending next year. There will be so many people there and in a way, I’m really excited but also fucking terrified. I’m desperately scared that people will hate me and that I’ll make the worst impression but this is a huge new chapter of my life that I want to experience as fully as I can.I don’t know where any of this will go. But really, I’m excited. I’m excited to see what life, with all its crazy turns and “WHAT IS HAPPENING” moments, will show me.

Have you had any weird things happening recently?

From Elm πŸ™‚

13 thoughts on “Life is Hectic

  1. Oh, wow, congratulations, Elm πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š I’m so proud of you (in a friendly, non-adulty way lol) and I hope you have much more acting achievements!

  2. The fact that all of the things you’ve listed here are positive makes me so happy, because you deserve all of it, so much. I know it can be a difficult sometimes coping with having so many things going on at once, but you are doing wonderfully so far πŸ™‚

  3. well, firstly wow! congrats this is a new chapter! Well, recently as an artist I decided to face my fear with color and learn how to digital..I mean if you want something you got to do it, in my case realism. When I finally finished, I was shook ..determination and patience I guess was the key!

    • YES!!! I’m so proud that you got your determination back!! πŸ™‚ It can really increase your confidence. Thanks for sharing your story! I just hope I can start to become as determined! xx

  4. Crikey, Elm β€” it is such a great honour to be a friend to such an inspiring, talented and gifted human being.

    You remind me every single day (there’s only been a few!) of what the gift of sight, for those of us lucky enough to be blessed with it, really means, but also how those without it can truly make our world a better place. You are my muse.

    C x

      • HELLO FRIEND!! I am doing just fine. I really hope you are too! I have missed you! But I am glad that we can always come back to each other, and it’s like nothing has changed! πŸ˜€ sending very many hugs your way x

  5. […] Elm and Abby Marie are like the friendliest bloggers on the planet. I mean, Elm is legit one of the first bloggers that commented on my blog and actually made me feel like I belong on this blogging platform and when I’m down, Abby Marie always asks me how I am and gives the best advice. I’ve never met anybody so caring and understanding on this blogging platform that even compares to these two so they deserve huge props. […]

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