Guest Post – Relaxation? What’s that?!

Relaxing, we don’t have time for that?

We do I promise!

My name is Ellie and I am a guest writer. Today I’m going to discuss the importance of relaxation in your mind, body and soul. Having struggled with anxiety for nearly 6 years, I have learnt a thing or two about keeping calm in stressful situations. The whole deep breathing thing was complete baloney to me and also, how the hell is counting to ten going to help me not have a panic attack?! So, after a few years I found an actually found a helpful therapist who gave me a few relaxation techniques for when I feel stressed. You can use these any time; before exams, whenever you feel upset, unsafe or whenever you’ve had a long confusing day! Here are my favourite, easy techniques which will make you slightly less stressed again!

There are three types of relaxation:

  • Autogenic- Something that comes from within you e.g. Thinking happy things
  • Progressive Muscle Relaxation- Tensing and releasing muscles to feel better inside
  •  Visualization- Imagining senses that make you feel safe

To be honest, knowing which one works for you isn’t important. I use them all, Autogenic exercises are the easiest to perform though.

To relax, start by slowing your heart rate:

  • Splash your face with very cold water (ice cold is best)
  • Sit or lie down if you can
  • Breath with your belly! This may sound strange but when breathing very deeply your tummy should follow your chest, focus on this.

Think of the nicest place you have ever been to, this could be anywhere. Literally, anywhere, as long as it makes you happy.

This final one can calm me in any situation.

  1. Start by taking something smooth in your hand, a rock, a eraser or anything that feels as if it has no sharp edges
  2. Ask yourself, where did this thing come from?
  3. Visualize this place, unless it’s stressful!
  4.  Let other thoughts come into your head, dismiss them
  5. Go on a journey, where was your item before you found it? How many people have touched it before?
  6. Once you feel ready, slowly bring yourself back to reality

You should feel much calmer now.

I understand we can’t always be calm and collected, we all know how amazing it feels to have a long sustained scream into a pillow at the end of a stressful day. However, when you need it (before a exam for example) these can be lifesavers! I hope you enjoy this guest post and I hope you find some of this helpful! I would be extremely grateful if you could have a peek at my blog maybe drop a follow?? šŸ˜‰ (You con find me at

Lots of love, Ellie xxxxxxxxx