Me Singing and Stuff

AHEM. About to die of embarrassment here.

Way back when, I asked you if you wanted to hear a video of me singing. In my last voice recording, I showed off and was arrogant and did a LITTLE singing, but that was just meh. So, at the risk of sounding like a moron…

Here it is

I hope you like it. There are a few bits that piss me off, but I’m trying to be happy with it. I promised you guys this, and it’s been TOO LONG.

This whole annonymity thing is failing…

Do any of you sing?

From Elm πŸ™‚

The Happiness Tag!

I’m such A UUUUURGH; I need to start doing awards!

So: an amazing blogger (seriously, she’s about the loveliest person I can think of right now) by the name of 3liitlebirds created a tag called The Happiness Tag, and nominated me – THANK YOU EEEEKKK!

So, the rules:
1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. (YAS thank you!!!)
2. Find 10 images, media items or videos that make you feel happy.
3. Nominate a blogger who inspires you.
4. Nominate your most recent follower (That’s actually such a nice thing to do; this is why this blogger’s awesome).
5. … And nominate anyone else you want!

This might be a bit tricky for me, because of pictures and the like, but I’m gonna see how this goes. I think I might just do a few videos – SORRY! 😦

I LOVE THIS SONG, it’s classical and pretty and beautiful and I just ahhhh!

I found this video when I was… 13? And laughed so hard with my friend for about 10 minutes. AWWW babies I mean they scare me but shh!

It’s the double rainbow guy! This is just so so adorable and I love it hehe!

I don’t actually like the original version of this song – WHY do I like barbershop quartettes? This is just so fun and nice and I like music yes.

He’s 12 and he’s “singing” and he’s insane and I swear, I laugh every time. If you haven’t seen this, GO DO IT it’s amazing.

I know it was a bit different to the original tag, but I’m a rebel.

And I nominate:
A person who inspires me: Luna

My most recent follower: Fairly Irrelevant, Fairly Confident

Hideaway Girl
My Teenage Madness

And literally anyone else who wants to do it. It’s a great tag, a way to spread positivity, and it’s original too.

I hope you enjoy, and kudos to 3liitlebirds for creating it!

From Elm πŸ™‚


I didn’t mention it, but yesterday I went to a Hozier concert in Brixton with my friend Poppy and IT WAS AMAZING.

I don’t have much energy to write, but I’ve never felt so happy and carefree as I did then. Having Poppy with me really helped, because I’ve known her all my life – just that experience, I suppose, brought us closer. I would have liked her sister, Rose, to come along as well, but we only had two tickets.

Sorry, but HOZIER’s VOICE IS AMAZING. He sounds the same live as he does on recordings, and it’s just so rich and lovely and his lyrics MEAN something. Yes, he’s my favourite artist. I could just drown in his voice… Okay that’s weird dear god.

His supporting act was absolutely fantastic, too, and the harmonies had me and Poppy both shrieking. I need to look them up, actually, because those three women could SING, GODDAMNIT. You didn’t have that awful singing you sometimes get with really famous singers, because they all have talent.

Oh, and I’ve never sang along so loudly as I did with Take Me to Church. That was the most fun I’ve ever had, and the best concert I’ve been to.

Who’s the best artist you’ve seen live?

From Elm πŸ™‚

The Dragon’s Loyalty Award!

I LOVE you guys so much, because I got an award, and HOW?!!

The lovely Parisian Pages – who I still refer to as Moonlight – nominated me for this. She is such a lovely and sweet person and if you haven’t followed her, do so along with the blogs I’ll be nominating cause I love them all.

The Rules (adapted a teeny bit because I can’t copy and paste skills yes)
1. Display the award on the blog. GUYS, how do you do this?!
2. Celebrate your win by writing a post about it, and link to your nominator.
3. Nominate 6 deserving bloggers for this award.
4. Link to your awardees – nominees? What’s the right word?
5. Write 7 interesting facts about yourself. (I’M NOT INTERESTING)

The ‘interesting’ facts

1. When I was about 5, I had this… I think it was like a chair with a cover and it span round, and I used to pretend I was going on a journey to space and under the sea with one of my friends. Whatever happened to that chair? Think I broke it.

2. I can’t open either eye properly- I can only really open the left eye if I try, but normally, they’re half-closed which makes me look tired all the time.

3. I was in a film. A LITTLE film, okay?! It’s… I…

4. I was in Call the Midwife. For 2 seconds. And you couldn’t see me but shh.

5. My tollerance for spice is legendary, in that it’s basically nonexistent. By that, I mean I CRY WHEN I EAT THE BAREST HINT OF SPICE. My mother’s Malaysian so in THEORY, I should be used to it because she eats spicy stuff, but I grew up, well, NOT eating that. WHOOPS.

6. The first crush I got on a girl was on my friend Pine who was homophobic at the time, and I didn’t even realise it was a crush. Thank god that ended. That’s REALLY AWKWARD OH NO

7. When people tickle me, I go completely crazy and start laughing hysterically. YUP, I’m clever.

AND my nominees, together with a description of them – ish.

Dziey – a really awesome blogger who leaves FANTASTIC comments.

L – a good, real life friend of mine who’s blog is great.

Selfie – someone I genuinely consider an inspiration and who has always helped me through the bad times.

Georgie – I found her recently and I think she’s great; her posts make me so happy.

Jerrod – a really sweet guy who’s comments make my day.

Sam – possibly my oldest blogging friend who I actually became friends with on my old blog, and who’s posts are the best thing you will ever read.

I hope you liked that! Also, has anyone got any recommendations of new blogs? As in, bloggers that’ve just started? Or, ARE you one?

From Elm πŸ™‚

The Happiness Project: The Little Things

So, my good friend Sydney organised this wonderful thing, called The Happiness Project, and it’s my week to do this. I don’t think it’s too late to sign up; you get assigned a week, and you make posts about the things that make you happy, to make yourself and others feel happy.

Today, I’m going to talk about the little things. Not the huge, earth-shattering events, but the tiny things in life when you just think, “You know what, these little moments are what I live for.”

I’ll make a list, quickly, and maybe talk a little about each one.

Saying a little phrase to your friends that’s an inside joke between you
Just the knowledge of what it means, and the memories to go along with it, ALWAYS lift my spirits. I mean, some include “At least we’re not toffs”, Alberto, I’m a stalk, that sort of thing. They just put a smile on my face.

The rain
You know when rain’s just pattering at your window? I love it. It’s sort of the rhythmic sound of it, I think.

Walking in the park, and just listening
You’ve got grass beneath your feet, birds singing and it’s so bloody peaceful. When I’m walking, like that, I genuinely think I’m doing great, and all the crap that happens just flies out of my mind.

Finding a chord, or a little section of a tune, that just works and fits
I love songwriting, so much, and when I just get hit with that “YES!” moment, I feel like I can do anything. Even if it’s one chord, or a tiny section of a tune that’s incomplete, it’s still something.

I hope you liked that! There’s more, but for now, that should suffice.

What little things make you happy? Let me know; I bet we have some in common.

From Elm πŸ™‚

EEK! I’m Kinda doing a Gig!

GUYS! I sent the email – you know, the thing I talked about in my previous post that I can’t be arsed to link to because I am a lazy twat? Yup – catch up on that if you haven’t already. But I’m so scared, it’s unreal.

But anyway! I’m going to be performing in what COULD be classified as a ‘gig’ tonight. It’ll be with 6 or 7 other singers, and I’m going to be singing one of my own songs and a cover (Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift).

AHA I’m rather nervous. RATHER nervous? I’m terrified!

Alright, I have to run. I need to skype Red for a few minutes, then eat, then go to the concert.

I’m wearing MAKEUP. ARGH! I have this weird thing on my eyelashes and I can’t open my eyes ANYWAY and it’s just awkward.

I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to read any blogs today 😦 SORRY!

From Elm

I Didn’t Stutter! – Part 2


Alright. Before you read this, take a look at part 1.

You know that audition? I got a callback. I GOT A OH my god.

Er. I found out. a week ago but… Kinda was distracted by stuff and… I’M SORRY!

I went for the second audition today. Central London, again – and on the way there, I was frantically running over my script. And swearing. In fact I swore so much that I was terrified I might swear in the actual thing. After several explosions of “FUCK! SHIT! NO SHIT DAMN BLOODY HELL!” I think my dad was either irritated or amused. Probably the latter – I’m a right bundle of laughs, after all. HAHAHAHA. Yeah right.

You know what?

I DIDN’T mess up! I know – shocking, right? After all, I was panicking so much before I went in that I almost hyperventalated. GAH!

I went in the room. We started with the script – a woman was running the auditions this time. She put me so much at ease that I forgot I was nervous. Usually I’m terrified.

The script actually went so well. I was horrified that I didn’t screw up – but she said I did well, which boosted my confidence so much that you wouldn’t believe it. I didn’t.

And then came the part where I bragged about myself – sorry, I meant talked. I said the usual shit: “Er yeah, I have a CD and I write songs and I like to write and yeah.” Except I laughed. A lot. OH GOD!

I know I won’t get the part, but there’s an insane part of my brain that just hopes. I have a CHANCE, and I guess that’s all I need to feel better.

All in all? Successful day πŸ™‚ I needed it.

It was an amazing experience. If I don’t get the part, I’m just so happy that I managed to do the audition, and I’m so glad that I managed to scrape together the confidence to stand up there and talk and be myself.

I feel like such a high-and-mighty twat. BOW DOWN TO ME, PEASANTS!

From the great, all-powerful, narcissistic, moronic Elmitron

Pachelbel’s Canon is Legit My Anthem

I… I… That post title though… Yes, I’m shamelessly patting myself on the back for such a crappy title.

I’m SUPPOSED to be revising for my french speaking assessment. Which, might I add, is TOMORROW. But, well, I’ve had a shit day for various reasons.

So what am I doing? I’m listening to music.

Not just any old music. I’m listening to – that’s right, you guessed it. Pachelbel’s Canon.

Stop laughing! Yes, it’s classical music. Yes, I’m 15. Yes, it’s the only classical song I regularly listen to. Hey – stop laughing!

Fine! But at least have a listen to it! Please?

In all honesty, I think it’s beautiful. Just the layers, building up and up, with the violins and strings, resulting in a…

Okay, okay! I’ll stop spouting off poetic nonsense then! However, I’m genuinely obsessed with the piece.

Heh, I have no life. At all. SUCH WOW.

I Didn’t Stutter!

I want to crawl into a hole and sleep for a decade.

If you didn’t read the post about my audition, take a look or you won’t understand what the hell I’m blathering on about.

I will NOT recount the boring-as-arse train journey there for that specific reason.

So we got there. An hour early. And because my dad is an exercise fanatic, we walked around for half an hour, and went to a cafe until we had to go to the place (which was a building, and the auditions were held in a basement)

Thank god I knew no one there. Actually, I lie – there was a guy named Jack there. I’d met him in another audition for a two-second part in Call the Midwife. Jack acts in Bad Education, and before he went into the room, we had a short conversation which consisted mainly of me fretting and running over the script with my dad (and shouting at my dad because he was being a right arse)

Ah… The script. Remember ow I said I had no idea what I was supposed to be doing? Well… I received the script 20 minutes before I went into the room, and had to run over it frantically before I could do anythin. That wasn’t their fault, it was probably me just being disorganised.

I went into the room after Jack went out – I got  the nerve to ask him how it wnt, which was surprising because I CAN’T SOCIALISE. I basically told my dad to bugger off so I wouldn’t be embarrassed if he was there.

The audition went okay, I think. They told me to talk about myself, and I rambled on like a twat about my songwriting and my CD (where I went into a recording studio URGH self promotion). I had to do it in a sort of presenting style, which was kinda terrifying. I half-stuttered and floundered a little, but it wasn’t too bad.

Then the script, and then I talked about my blindness. Oh god. To be honest, I couldn’t give a bugger about the disability, but it was just a bit weird talking about it.

I know I won’t get the part, but it was an amazing experience. And even if I don’t, they still have me down as auditioning for something.

By the way, thank you guys SO much or all your encouragement! It means so much.

Blurgh. I want sleep…. 

Er and the yeah that’s why and I’m a um well actually you see it’s…


I genuinely think I’m going to explode with nerves. I mean it. You’ll get an Elm-shaped crater where I was. (haha, Elm shaped oh my god)

Gah. CALM. Peace and calm and serenity and all that…

Tomorrow, I’m going up (down?) to London to audition for some acting – no, PRESENTING – job.

Woah, slow down! Just to warn you, this is going to make me sound like an absolute, arrogant, self-centred twat. Basically, about 3 and a half years ago (nearly 4) I was involved in a film called Imagine. ‘Twas about blind people, so obviously I got the part…

Oh no, that sounded worse than I thought. “Look at ME, PEASANTS, I was in a film and you weren’t, nyahahahaha, I’m sooo great!” Dear God.

It was a great experience, and I made a few friends. Also, it was hectic and I distinctly remember several catch phrases… Let’s not go into that.

When I was 11, I was a confident little shit, and so after the film I signed up to this agency called Visable (that’s it’s name, isn’t it?!)

It’s only now that I’ve been convinced to do some work. The conversation with my dad went a bit like this:

“There’s a presenting job on the website!”

“WHAT?! Huh? What?”

“Well, it’s tomorrow… Do you want to do it?”

“Tomorrow… WHAT? What do you mean, tomorrow? Oh god I don’t know, I don’t know, just give me a second to think!”

I was convinced to do it. How, I don’t know. I know I’m being arrogant and picky – it’s an amazing opportunity – but I am terrified.

The problem? I can’t speak without stuttering. Yeah, sure, with friends I’m fine, but stick me in a room with people, tell me to talk, and I can’t.

Has anyone got any tips?! I have a bad feeling I’ll fuck up and say something wrong. I don’t even know what I’m supposed to be doing! What if I mumble?

Okay, okay, okay! Stop freaking ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh dear god

Sorry for spamming with the O’s… I’m scared!

What if I-


Help meh! I’m not even joking; the bloody thrice damned thing is TOMORROW, and I’m shit at acting, and I can’t string a sentence together, and WHY did I agree to this!

Okay. I’ll just wing it. I hope I don’t cry, or something, when I get there. I’m 15. I’m mature. I CAN DO THIS!

Elm, professional actor, speaker and presenter, signing out.