My Terrible Voice is Back!

A few months ago, I used to make voice recordings for this blog, which I put up on Youtube.

I miss doing that, and because I was bored today, I decided to record a new “video”. My new followers most likely won’t have heard my voice (you really aren’t missing out because I sound painfully posh) and since I’m awful at staying anonymous, here it is!

This one is 8 minutes of me talking about my breakup, which you can read about here. More spefically, I haven’t been dealing with it well, and I want both you and I to learn from that.

Breakups are horrible. Even though mine ended with no argument, no anger, it’s still very painful for me and that’s alright; how could it NOT be? There’s always going to be a certain sadness about things ending, which I’ve experienced in the (three) breakups I’ve had, to varying degrees. You have as well, or you will, and don’t be scared of it.

I’m not expecting this recording to be groundbreaking, or anything. It’s just one girl rambling about her rather insignificant problems, but I wanted to do it on voice. It’s all very well to write it down and I mostly prefer that, because I’m a blogger at heart, but I sometimes need to let you hear the true emotions of my words.

I hold no bitterness towards S or Pansy: they are lovely people. I want them to be the happiest they’ve ever been, because I know their great qualities and I also know that they fit together. That’s all I can ask: for them to smile. I don’t want to come across as angry with them, because I’m not in the slightest.

Yes, I’m paranoid and sad and I think that people hate me, but soon, I’ll prove that wrong. At least some people love me, and I’ll hold onto that.

Also, I’ve just realised – at the end, I refer to what I did as a “post”. Excuse me while I cringe in a corner.

If you got to the end of that recording, thank you. My posh voice astounds even me, and if you’re hearing me for the first time then heyy! For the record, I’m not a youtuber (that is HILARIOUS), only a blogger who likes to speak occasionally.

From Elm πŸ™‚

My Hilarious Excuse Of An Update

hey, everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in forever, and that’s because I only got solid Wifi yesterday. Also, the Wi-Fi doesn’t work on my computer, mainly because I’m actually using data. Ooh, rebel, I know.

As a sort of replacement, I’ve given you this… Interesting voice recording. I sound like a bloody squirrel, and I think I ramble too much, but at least its something. I’m a bit frustrated, too, because I wrote two posts I was really proud of. Oh well: maybe I’ll get to post them, so at least they’ll be up.

You can listen to the recording here. The irritating noise in the background is the fan, but the option of turning it off is basically zero. I’m not boiling myself just for the sake of having the room silent πŸ˜€

I hope you’re having an amazing day! I’m probably going to go to bed soon, because I’m exhausted. my voice is also dying a bit, too.

From Elm πŸ™‚

My Sexuality, in 14 Minutes

Hey, it’s a new “youtube video”!

This recording was inspired by the wonderful Em from Adventures of a Lost Teen. If you haven’t followed her already, you should because she’s brilliant and really inspirational to me as well. You can listen to my recording here.

If I offended anyone, I’m really sorry 😦 I was going to go into the whole “why do people hate gay people?” thing, but then I realised, EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT BELIEFS AND I DON’T WANT TO UPSET ANYONE.

“I’ll try and make it MUCH shorter…” HAHAHAHAAAAA nice one, Elm!

I really hope you like this. I want people to realise that talking about this is okay – for me, Em made the first step and allowed me to feel like I COULD make a recording about it. So thank you so much for that, you amazing girl; also, the way she describes things is perfect. ANYONE can talk about their sexuality and I love how she did it, because teens like us should be able to talk about it too. We’re people.

From Elm πŸ™‚

To the Ones Who Came Before

Hii guys!

This is my latest youtube “video”, which you can listen to here.

It’s really just to talk about those bloggers who, for whatever reason, don’t blog any more. I’ll miss them.

People I mentioned in this recording:
Ambi, from TheAmbivert
Amy, from Cloudbusting

Whatever you may think of yourself, we all admire you and will miss you. You DO have an effect on your readers.

From Elm πŸ™‚

In Which I Laugh so Much that I Nearly Cry


Here’s the weekly “youtube video” from yours truly, and can I just say, I cringed so much whilst listening back that it’s PAINFUL.

The reason I laughed so much was because I stuttered insanely and sounded like a bloody moron. Also, if you’re wondering what the crash was a little over halfway through – that was a USB stick that I dropped. It shocked me so much that I just burst out laughing. See, THIS is why I despair for myself when I ever try to present something.

Listen to it here, if you Really REALLY want to hehe.

I hope you like it! Also, do you think the “videos” I make are too short, or too long? Feedback is appreciated! (She says, cringing violently).

From Elm πŸ™‚

Exercising Is Fun

Hellooo! πŸ™‚

Right, just a really really quick post because I NEED to revise like right now and my timetable says it’s sociology today, and I need to do french as well, so YAYYY!

I made another voice recording, which can be found here and it’s about exercise, volunteering and all that. I hope you like it!

Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep smiling and being motivated!

From Elm πŸ™‚

Let’s, Err, Talk Real


So, I made a voice recording. It was kinda… Difficult to talk about? I don’t actually know how I managed it without stuttering or shaking, but yeah. I wish I didn’t sound so needy, but it would mean a lot if you’d take a listen.

You can find it here – and before you faint in shock, yes, it’s on youtube, because I wanted to make it more accessible. Is this a good idea, d’you think?

Remember that if you’re made to feel awful, get yourself away from whoever’s making you feel that way. You are fantastic, and strong, and it’s OKAY to say you’re being treated like crap.

Love from Elm πŸ™‚

A Year of Rambling Happiness


I’m honestly shocked. I’ve gone under the name Elm for ONE YEAR. 366 (leap year) days. It’s honestly been the best thing I could have ever done, and the best decision I could have made.

What if I’d just decided to give up blogging after my second blog failed? What if I’d not got involved with the community? It almost panics me to think of those “what ifs” because this blog has helped me so much. YOU’VE helped me and I’m so grateful to you for that, like you have no idea.

So, I made this horrific voice recording, featuring the wonderful L. I know it cuts off, but that’s mostly because I’m a moron.

You are all fantastic. I will tell you that, over and over, because you’ve made this year so happy for me. I might have gone through some things, and made MANY stupid mistakes, but you guys have always been there. That means the world, and I can’t believe I’ve managed all of this for so long, through my moronic and AWFUL posting phases.

I have old blogging friends – Z from deepbluesandseafoamgreens, Sam, Tiegan, Tara and Aiden to name some, and they introduced me to everything blogging-like.

Thank you so much, everyone. Thanks for a year. of being amazing.

Love from Elm πŸ™‚

I’ll Tell You It’s Okay

Hey guys πŸ™‚ This is my latest recording – YES I KNOW I SOUND LIKE A DEAD CHIMPANZEE.

I want, through it, to show you that feeling things is okay – it’s human. I hope I’ve told you that through my words, because I want to show you I can speak these kinds of things as well as writing them.

You might be scared of the future, but you’re strong enough to handle things. And if you ever need to talk, I’m here, as well as your family and friends.

Listen to it here.

Thanks for listening – your support has always meant the world to me. Keep smiling and staying strong, and you’ve got life sorted.

From Elm πŸ™‚

Me Singing and Stuff

AHEM. About to die of embarrassment here.

Way back when, I asked you if you wanted to hear a video of me singing. In my last voice recording, I showed off and was arrogant and did a LITTLE singing, but that was just meh. So, at the risk of sounding like a moron…

Here it is

I hope you like it. There are a few bits that piss me off, but I’m trying to be happy with it. I promised you guys this, and it’s been TOO LONG.

This whole annonymity thing is failing…

Do any of you sing?

From Elm πŸ™‚