It’s My Friend’s 18th Birthday

Hello you,
The first time I met you was when you were 16 and so I don’t really have the right to be all “OMG you’re so old I knew you when you were a foetus!” but I do have the right to make you cringe so much that you no longer want to be friends with me. Prepare for it and don’t say I didn’t warn you. Unfortunately, you’ve seen the cringiest side of me so I can’t really hide it any more.

Today is your 18th birthday and I’m feeling quite emotional. Over the last 2 years, you’ve taught me so much about myself: that I can make mistakes, that I’m shit at replying but that I have the potential to grow and change and that I’m not such a terrible person after all. You’d bet to differ and I’ll probably get a message from you, after this, saying “I didn’t make you realise that so fuck off” but you’d be wrong. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t have even realised that I needed to change because you’re one of the only people who points out my shit and makes me think about it.

On the subject of that, there are a lot of things you do which – if anyone else did it – it’d be weird and would make me feel grim. You can regularly make jokes about my past “relationships” that border on the horrific. Actually no, they are disgusting and I despise you but they make me laugh until I cry. Back when everything was making me upset and I honestly thought I was the worst person alive, those jokes were some of the only things that helped.

You go to a shit ton of effort for me and part of me doesn’t get why but I appreciate it. There was one time when you went totally out of your way to come and see me, which is one of my happiest memories ever. I can shriek on and on about how great I think you are, making your ego rise to the height of the Shard but I think you know all of it already. If you don’t, if you doubt yourself, I’ll consistently scream compliments at you, the assets of your personality that you forget about and make you absolutely hate me.

To put it politely, you know far too many embarrassing things about me. From all my foetus pictures to you hearing me cringing at how much I repress my thoughts, you’ve pretty much seen it all. I could go from sending you crying voice messages to yelling at you about how much I’d like to visit Kansas one day and various other Oz-related things. Really, how do you put up with me? (She says, narcissistically wailing about herself)

The amount of memes I have with you is ridiculous. I don’t know who started calling them “memes” and usually, it’s not my type of thing to say but I can’t see normal memes because blind and so I like referring to them as that. It was probably you and I wouldn’t want to steal your joke. I’m not sure if you’ll be around to talk this evening but if you are, I plan to say all our memes in one conversation. I could do it, if I really tried, but nothing would come of it if I did. It’d just be the same old thing I usually do.

At the end of the day I’m a writer, so I’ve done a lot of writing for your birthday. There’s this and a few other things too. You didn’t want a materialistic present so this was the best I could do; I hope it doesn’t totally disappoint you. I may not know every single little thing about you, I may not be the best person all the time but I want to show you that I care.

One day, we’ll sit by a lit fire, looking out at a moon I can’t even see and singing Britney Spears at the tops of our lungs. It’s the ultimate thing friends should do and though I think nothing like that’s going to happen, I can dream. One of the first things you ever said to me was that you’d like to sit on a park bench one time and just talk about everything and I haven’t forgotten that.

I trust you so much. I trust you enough that I know you’d tell me if this “present” was awful. Despite the majority of people not being able to understand what I’m talking about, I’m posting this here because I don’t want your birthday to go by without me doing anything. Blogging is how we became close and so it feels right to write it here.

I just have one thing to say to you before I go: check your Twitter.

Also, I love you and you are a fabulous human. You already know that but I’m reiterating it because 1) I like to repeat myself and 2) I don’t say it enough when I properly mean it.

From the Elmitron 🙂
P.S: Just saying, I nearly wrote my real name because you never call me Elm and if you do, it’s as a joke so THANKS FOR INADVERTENTLY TERRIFYING ME.


When a friend has something great happen to them, I have two in-built responses.
1. I smile politely, congratulate them on their achievement, and then back off to a corner to bitterly sulk as to why they are so much better than me and why they can do everything that I am so bad at.
2. I squeak in excitement, give them a huge hug and tell them – genuinely – how proud of them I am, because I care about them, and they are a close enough friend for their successes to feel like my own.

Elm – our dear Elm – is one of these amazing, close friends, and it gives me such pride to be here today, writing her 18th birthday post. Happy birthday, elm, and welcome to adulthood.
[This is the part where I give the ‘words of wisdom’, but I’m 16 and pretty thick so hahaha good luck Elm!]
I hope you are having a brilliant day, filled with fun, laughter, and your friends and family.
And cake. because cake is good.

I didn’t feel worthy of writing such a momentous post all by myself, so I enlisted the help of some fabulous bloggers and Internet pals, to wish our dear tree leader a happy coming-of-age.

“Happy Birthday Elm! I can’t believe you are 18, I think we started talking when you were only 15 or 16. You are such a fantastic friend and a wonderful person and I feel privileged to call you my friend. I admire your dedication to blogging and how you help so many people with what you write. Never forget how far you have come, I know some days are hard but so far you have got through every shitty day which shows just how strong you are. Happy Birthday once again, from Ocean”

“As someone who’s kept me grounded like an anchor and kept me on the right trail, it’s only fitting you have a slightly above average birthday because of all the residue this past year has left on you”

“Elm, you’re absolutely definitely truthfully the worst person I’ve ever met and I hate you. By that I mean that I love you so, so much and I think you’re amazing! You’re so strong, intelligent, independent and hilarious, and I couldn’t wish for a better gal pal. I adore you, weirdo. Keep going, and a massive happy birthday from meeeee! X”

“You know Elm, I don’t know you nearly as well as I’d like to, something I’m hoping to change in 2018! But from what I do know, I know that you’re so kind and selfless and always there to voice your support for people however big or small the issue. And beyond that, you show your support for happy things too! It’s easy enough to chuck out some heart emojis under a sad tweet but it requires authenticity to go ahead and share your joy under a happy tweet. I really do like that about you. You’ve shared a lot of struggles with us over the past few months and I’m proud to see the progress you’ve made, I only hope that you find more happiness over the next year and beyond! Happy Birthday Elm :)”

“Elmm!! Welcome to the 18 (or 81 😂) club – we’re all old here and have to take several naps to get through the day, but it’s all good fun! Thank you for blessing the blogging community with your beautiful writing, but most importantly thanks for being such a kind and caring friend. I hope you have the loveliest birthday – you really deserve it! xx”

Astrid< a href=””>BlogTwitter “ELM I LOVE YOU SO MUCH- I hope to Skype with you more and to have a massive catch up 🙂 thank you for always supporting me and other people who are in such hard times and when you write about your experiences, you’re helping people massively as they know they aren’t alone so thank you Elm 🙂 I hope you’re gonna have an awesome 18th birthday, you’re an adult now; I have an adult friend OMFG!! Haha, I wish you the best year and I LOVE YOU :)”

Dziey< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Happy birthday Elm! You’re the star of WordPress and I hope you have a very very awesome birthday!”

It’s so heartwarming to see the lovely things that everyone has to say about Elm: she is such a key part of the blogging community, and a foundation in so many friendship groups both on and offline. I’m honoured to be classed as Elm’s friend each and every day, and it always makes me smile when something great happens to her, because she deserves it more than anyne else I know.

Bethany< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Happy birthday Elm!!! It’s crazy to think that you’re 18 now, an adult. Sorry, I didn’t want to make you feel old in any way, whoops. Anyway, I just wanted to say a huge thank you for always being there for me this year. I always feel like you’re my mini cheerleader which always makes me smile and also convince myself to keep going with this blogging thing and to even start expanding that next year! I can’t wait to see what this next year has in store for you and I hope I can come along for the ride, if only through a screen. Happy birthday!! Xxx”

Eve< a href=””>BlogTwitter “Elm – I am so lucky to know you, I can’t believe we have been blogging friends for so long. You always write beautiful & relatable posts, many of which have really helped me. You support others so much and are genuinely just super wonderful. GO YOU ❤️ Happy birthday, I hope you have a great day!”

JasmineBlogTwitter “ELMMMM – HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! A year ago (oh my gosh i’ve known you for a yearrrr) when I was just starting out blogging and you commented on my posts, I had no idea you would become a person I trust and respect so, so much. You’re such a lovely, kind and supportive person that puts absolutely everyone above yourself. Your caring nature has made you practically a role model figure in the blogging community, even a motherly figure! (which is a compliment I promise😂) It’s an absolute pleasure to know you Elm, you’re an amazing human, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!! Have the most AMAZING 18th full of fun and laughter, you deserve that and more Enter adult life with a blast!! Xxxx Elm: you have achieved so, so much in the first 18 years of your life — as a child. The rest of your life lies ahead of you, waiting for you to take charge of it. I know you will, and I know you will have every success going in the future, and I simply can’t wait to observe that for myself. You’re strong, caring, funny and so, so much more, and I can say with every certainty that those who are lucky enough to know you are just that — lucky. They are lucky, like me, because you are the most fabulous person I know.<br<br
ohol nowww LOL

This year, it can be your birthday.<br

I’m Fabulous and Oh Yeah It’s Elm’s Special Day

Sup … ElmTrees?
I’ve never come up with a name for followers of the great Elm’s blog, but I think ElmTrees works, no?
So glad you agree…
Shall we start again?

sup ElmTrees — it’s L, from consider Yourself Warned…, and I am delighted to make your acquaintance. Now, follow me ‘cos I’m fab innit and everyone should love me … wait, this post is meant to be about Elm? Oh… OK, i’ll try again.

You may be aware that today, 31 December 2016, is Elm’s 18th 31 December on this Earth (when she was born, she was technically 0), which makes this her 17th birthday — happy birthday, my nature-obsessed friend!!! (It’s also my birthday but i’m not self-obsessed so I shall not beg you to wish me a happy birthday too but ffs you should do that OK?) I’ve know Elm for, like, 6 years; our friendship has flourished for 5 years to this very day. Elm has been there for me during everything: the good, the bad, and the blogging. I really couldn’t have asked for a more stable, kind-hearted and posh-tea-drinking comrade to accompany me on this little thing I call a life.

I think that it’s very easy to say that you will do something ‘next year’, when you’re ‘(age + 1)’ years old, because it seems so far away and that makes it seem less frightening. Well, Elmsta, ‘next year’ starts now, and you and me together are going to take it on. I think that the great tree herself will agree with me in saying that this year has seen her change and grow as a person in so many different ways — I mean, she’s finally got taller (sort of)! But honestly, she’s started doing so much more, being more independent, working on her writing and blogging and so much more, and that all opens up doorways and opportunities for the year ahead. You (Elm’s readers), elm, and I know that this year hasn’t been all fun and games for our tree; she’s had her fair share of shit and undeserved heartbreak, but even that is something to reflect on in the new year, and use to make her stronger. (Shhhh, clichés are my forte.)
Honestly though, I mean it.

For now, though, just have a fabulous day Elm: I think I speak for the whole Bloggosphere when I say that we wish you all the best for today, and all the best for year no. 17 (excluding your first year on Earth bc you were lil baby Elm nawwwwwwww).



I’m Being Sociable?

Tonight, I’m going to a real, proper, genuine… Party.

I know. The thought of me at a party, surrounded by drunk people dancing, makes me laugh so hard that I can barely speak. To my shock, it’s actually happening. A girl who I don’t know that well, but who I spoke to right at the beginning of the year, invited me to her birthday party, which almost shocked me into the next decade. Because, well, I never get invited to those types of parties.

Really, I’m just assuming that it’ll be a party with alcohol, and loud music, and all that. The girl who’s party it is is lovely, but I don’t know her “character” – so she could be throwing a quiet kind of gathering, or a party like Ivy’s last year. AKA alcohol +dancing +interesting situations; the only other party I’ve been to like that is Ivy’s. Do you see my slight dilemma?

I’m going to Pine’s beforehand for a few minutes, so that her parents can drop us off. Swan will be coming too, but apart from that, I don’t know many people there. It’s the case of “Knowing” them but not knowing them; I know their names but not who they really are. I’m pretty much going to be glued to Pine and Swan all evening, which is irritating because I hate being dependent on people. I couldn’t just go off on my own because I’m blind, could get lost, and I’d be too nervous if I was surrounded by potentially unreliable people who I don’t know.

I’ve decided, as usual, to stress myself out for various reasons. If you know the slightest thing about me, it’s that I’m prone to stressing and if there’s nothing to stress about, then I create a reason. You know the song perfectly? Oh, but what if you screw up when singing? You know how to cook this very basic thing? But what if the oven breaks, or you drop something?!

Being insecure about my body is a special enemy of mine. That means that I have no idea what the hell I’m wearing, because I don’t know what type of atmosphere it’ll be, and what other people would be wearing. Sticking out is terrifying to me in this situation, and I feel too awkward to ask various other people “Hi i’m a fashion disaster – what’re you wearing to the party?” I know that other people’s opinions shouldn’t matter, but this is the first time I’ve been invited to a party with a bunch of people I don’t know, by a girl who isn’t my close friend. She was the first new girl we spoke to before the actual school year started and I think that stuck with her – not to mention throughout the last two months, I’ve had nice conversations with her. It still surprised me, though.

I’m going to enlist my sister in helping me, because she’s back from university. In fact, she offered; she saw that I was getting stressed when I went up to her room and talked to her, and said to me: “Look Elm, it’s okay. I’ll help you, and you won’t fuck this up – you couldn’t.” My sister has gone to so many parties, and is the opposite to me in that she can get out there, wear whatever, and outwardly appear confident. She’ll help with makeup too, because I’m literally unable to apply anything because I’m worried I’ll do it wrong and can’t see myself to check.

I’m also worried that I’ll act stupidly. If there’s alcohol, I don’t really want to get drunk because I hate not being in control, but I may have some. I don’t know. I’m trying not to overthink this or plan it too much in my head, because it’s just a party. It’s still a novelty to even be invited to one by someone like her: someone so nice, who doesn’t know much about me but who’s trying.

Oh, you know what? I’m just going to ‘wing it’, as they say. Recently my mental health has been abismal and I’m not expecting this to fix anything, but it can disarract me. Distraction iso’t the best thing to do but I’ve been constantly feeling bad for the last month with very little break, so I almost think I deserve to forget about shit. Obviously, I’ll still get sad, but having fun will lessen the hurt a little.

What I’m most looking forward to is meeting new people. When I want to be, I can be sociable, and the thought of new people really getting to know me makes me happy. I’ll try not to worry about how I speak, how I look, or if people will think I’m stupid. I’m worried that I just won’t be able to talk to anyone because they’ll all know each other, but I’ll be okay.

I’m just going to enjoy myself, whatever happens. There’s no point to existing if you can’t live a little. I’m still sad but for one night I will be happy and maybe that one night will turn into every night, one day.

From Elm 🙂

Well I’m ALIVE, So…

It’s 19 April.

Y’know what happens on 19 April? Unless you read my post, last year, you won’t and trust me, I wouldn’t read that because it’s pretentious – OH ARGH I should just shut up and explain.

I call this day my “Not Birthday” because, well, it IS. I was SUPPOSED to be born 16 years ago today, but that… KIND of didn’t happen. I talk about this a LOT on here (by that I mean I mention it sometimes) but I want to again.

Last year, I guess I KNEW how much it all meant, in a way. It seems weird to contemplate life, death and everything – still seems strange – but I’ve got used to asking myself why I’m still alive.

I should have things wrong with me. I should have SOMETHING ELSE besides being blind, because for fuck’s sake, I was born 16 WEEKS EARLY. Except, I don’t. I’ve made it this far, without any major health complications, and I don’t understand WHY.

Even though I’m alive, it seems quite insensitive for me to be “celebrating” when there are so many people who don’t have hope left, or for whom things are horrendous. I know that, and I feel guilty for it all the time – I haven’t had an “I don’t deserve to live as much as other people do” days in a while though.

It’s times like these when I say to myself that even if my life isn’t worth anything in the grand scheme of things, it’s worth something to ME. Last year and a bit the year before, I celebrated – morbidly – about how I was okay and everything was okay with my body besides the eyes.

I’ve grown up. Over the last year, I’ve been a bitch, got my heart stamped on by someone who didn’t even know they were doing it, hurt people emotionally, etc etc. I thought, stupidly, that a year ago I was mature enough to deal with a relationship, but now, I’ve set my boundaries for one and I KNOW what I’m not okay with. I won’t lie – two years ago I was an immature little shit.

But I’ve changed. I’ve changed, and I’m going to live and realise there’s more to life than dwelling on the past, or my birth, or my LIFE for extended periods of time.

I’m not an inspiration. I’m me, and I have a blog; I’m alive.

Sorry this was a terrible post, but ehh.

From Elm 🙂

16 years, 16 Weeks Early and I’m DAMN WELL ALIVE

I’m scheduling this post because I’m an absolute REBEL.

It is L‘s birthday. AND my birthday.

I’m 16 years old. WHAT THE HELL I’m 16 YEARS OF AGE.

I don’t often care, or even bother mentioning, that I’m shocked I’m still alive and ONLY with vision loss. I SHOULD have more problems. This girl, who’s a few years older than me, was born 16 weeks – or maybe a bit less – early, and her internal organs don’t really work. I’m blind. That’s it. And I’m so fucking thankful for that, but just WHY?

Survival rate was low when I was a baby. I was in an incubator for ages. BUT SURVIVING FOR ME WASN’T SOME MIRACLE. I just did. I just am, and that’s all there is to it.

People say I should be lucky that I’m alive. Maybe they’re right, but I’m NOT lucky. I just am. I’m here, I’m alive, and it’s not something to be celebrated. Yeah, I had a high chance of dying or developing other problems. Maybe I still WILL develop those.

It might seem weird that I’m so nonchelant about it, but I’ve never really had to think about the fact that I’m still here. It was NEVER an issue, never raised as one, never really celebrated except when my parents got emotional.

But for now? I’m living. I’m breathing. It’s not ASTONISHING – it just is. That’s how I often describe my life.

I’m not some inspiration. I’m just a human, a 16-year-old human in this messed-up world who’s trying to get by as well as any other human. I’m ME.

I guess I’ve never had an overappreciation for life. Life’s what it is, but now I’m starting to realise what living really is. I’m not philosophical about it; I don’t go round telling people they should live while they can and be thankful for life, because hell knows that it’ll make no difference – people live their lives how they want.

I want you to know that I’m just me. Whatever happens, I’m me. It strikes me as strange that I’m still here, still alive, but then I realise it’s just something that is. I may have been BORN 16 weeks early, but now I’m just me.

Thanks so much for reading. I don’t say it enough. You KNOW how deep-thinking I get at this time of night; it gets especially strong when I’m contemplating life and death and everything in between.

From Elm 🙂

Guest Post – No, It’s My Birthday!

Hey Guys:

My name is L (sure, don’t judge me, because it’s not my real name… Or is it). I’m a blogger (surprise surprise), and I’ve been invited by our lovely Elm (hem hem hem hem hem) to guest post on this blog. So before I start, let me just tell you that you’d get a MUCH better quality of blog if you read my fine writing, at
Consider Yourself Warned…

There is little that Elm and I have in common, although that is a complete lie; it was just a good way to start a paragraph. We’re both blind, from London (roughly), and most important, we share a birthday. Our birthday is on 31st December, and it’s been a long-standing debate on which of us owns the birthday. Of course, being the superior being, I am certain that the birthday is mine, and I kindly share it with Elm.

She, on the other hand, claims that `the birthday”‘ is hers, because she was born first. Of course, this is ridiculous: everyone knows that the first is the worst, and the second, moi, is the best – it’s common knowledge! Despite this blindingly (pun) obvious fact, I’m willing to settle that our birthday belongs to both of us, and that we are both equally as important as each other (you have to lie to these less intelligent beings you know!)

As my birthday is, well, mine, I thought I’d tell you all about my birthday, and what happens each year. I’m not one for parties, which means I was undoubtedly born on the WRONG day – New Year’s Eve is the BIGGEST party day of the year. I like to have a quiet day, sometimes shopping with my sister, using the Christmas and birthday money I have received. Also, like this year, I sometimes go out with `the family”‘ for a meal at a restaurant. I like that, because it’s quiet and peaceful, and I feel very sophisticated (which I am, of course… It’s not hard to tell). Present opening either happens in the early morning (6 or 7) or early afternoon (1 or 2), depending on my parents’ work hours that day. Cards are usually in the morning, because that’s where the money is, and if I’m going shopping, money is usually pretty hand (I know, I must be a genius… QUICK, CALL OXFORD!!!)

I do hope that this post has been an enjoyable read for you; I hope that you’ve gathered who’s birthday it is (mine, of course);,and that the best (me) was clearly saved until last (the last day of the year, if you hadn’t quite got that yet). Don’t forget to check out my blog, and I hope to write to you all again (I never said soon…)


One of the Best Days of my Life

There are days that, sometimes, just go so right that you want to savour them forever and ever, and never let them go.

Before reading this, have a look at this post because, y’know, I’m too tired and too happy to explain the situation again.

So, I went to the theme park with Aspen, and it was the most amazing thing I have ever done. I don’t even know how to explain it. Odd did come – thank God – I didn’t post about the developments over the week with that, because I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

I NEVER thought it would pull through. Ever. I just thought I’d be disappointed, but it HAPPENED, and it happened to ME, and it was so much better than I could have hoped for.

Let’s do a little list of highlights:

Being with him
Talking to him
Talking to all his friends, who are actually brilliant
STANDING NEXT TO HIM like what even I was standing next to a guy who I met on the internet
Realising I actually have feelings for the guy (not so good but I calmed down)

“Hey, can I sit next to you on this ride, for the banter?”
“Yeah, sure!” (We had already gone on that ride and the second time was even better).

He nearly put his arm around me on that ride, or so Odd says
Me repeatedly mumbling “ASPEN, I’m gonna kill you aaargh I’m scared I’m gonna kill you!” and him saying, “Well then, I’ll die happy.”
Gripping onto his arm for dear life – OKAY, I didn’t NEED to do that, but I’m pathetic but shh
Shouting “JOHN CENA!” on one of the rides and nearly crying with laughter
Standing directly next to him in a shop and just thinking “HOLY SHIT, I’m here!”

Hugging him when we said goodbye.


Stop there for a sec – I HUGGED. HIM. As in I put my arms around him. And I think he was shocked for a second but he hugged me back and texted me afterwards saying “I’m still trying to get over the fact that you actually hugged me.”

Odd is CONVINCED he is “into me”, but I’m not so sure. Apparently (I wouldn’t know this) he was giving me little glances – it all points to that he IS, but like I said, I doubt it.

I have never had so much fun. I’ve never felt so happy, or at least not for a long time. Nothing has ever gone so RIGHT, in one day, without things ruining it; I can’t believe this happened to ME.

He was exactly how I expected him to be, in real life. We’re going to meet in the half term.

Guys, it just hit me: this is real. This isn’t just a far away dream. This happened; I’m real, he’s real and THIS IS REAL. This can go somewhere. It’s not hopeless – and even if it is, who can judge me for hoping?

Also, Red, thanks for tapping me on the head and then buggering off; it was all I heard from him all day.

This day has been one of the best of my entire life, and I’m not exaggerating. Things like this don’t ever happen to me; at least, nothing so perfect (because it WAS perfect in my eyes) has just happened, without any drawbacks.

True, at the beginning, I thought it was hopeless and that he just wouldn’t talk to me, but the thing with him is that he makes EQUAL TIME for everyone, which I respect above all.

I’m so glad this has happened. Even if things go to shit within the month, I don’t care: I’ll look back on this and smile, because I needed this. He’s my friend and that fills me with happiness – ACTUAL happiness.

Thank you so much for reading. I’m so glad I can share this.

From Elm 🙂

Happy Not-Birthday To Me!

Good day, me ol’ matez! (Because the S is just too mainstream…)

I think I’ve genuinely shocked myself irreparably with that greeting… ANYWAY, moving on swiftly!

Today is my not-birthday.

“No shit, Sherlock!” you may shout. “EVERY single day, apart from your birthday, is your NOT birthday! Foolish imbecile…”

Fine! If that’s how you feel about me… I’ll put it in simpler terms for ya.

I was SUPPOSED to be born on 19 April, 2000.

I was ACTUALLY born on 31 December, 1999.

Yeah, that’s pretty crapping awkward… That’s kinda part of the reason my eyes are a bit… Terrible, but that’s a whole other story.

When I tell people about the fact that I was born 16 weeks early, I get several reactions.

1. “Oh, you’re a miracle!”

2. “Well, you’re lucky to be alive, aren’t you?”

3. “Do you remember it?”

The last one made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

I don’t try to avoid the fact that I was born so early. It’s not something to BE avoided: if people ask, I’ll tell them. What I don’t like is parading around the fact:

“EYYY, look at me! ME! I was born 16 weeks EARLY, you weren’t, I’m more special than you, HAHAHA look how great I am!” If I EVER did that, I’d be certain that 1. I’d lose all respect for myself; 2. My friends would lose respect for me and 3. I wouldn’t be WORTHY of anyone’s respect.

There are people who twist the things that happen to them into a grand story to show off; they use it as a way to make themselves feel better about themselves.

I’m many things, but I’d hope I’m not one of them.

The reason why I wrote this was to point out that EVERYONE has something different about them, but what you choose to do with those differences defines you more than the actual differences do.

Thanks for reading!