The Social Media Blog Tag!

Every so often, a tag comes along which I absolutely love with all my stone cold, unfeeling heart. The Social Media Blog Tag is one of them. Created by Chloe last year, she brought it back this year and I couldn’t be happier. For some odd reason, I was tagged – than’ you so so much by the way – and I immediately knew I had to do this one again. Um well, it’s being posted two days after it was supposed to but I’m SORRY I NEED to GET MY SHIT TOGETHER!

I did this tag last year when I was actually funny – HAHA remember that? Excuse all of the screaming ramblings that are going to follow. I miss my “old style” of posting, where I felt more relaxed. So, screw the correct grammar and more formal style of posting: I’m going to rave about people, write in ALL CAPITALS sometimes and bloody well enjoy myself whilst doing it.

Right. I refuse to get stressed about doing which award but it was created to spread love; it’s based on different types of social media and bloggers who would fit that.

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who tagged you. (Merci, Chloe; you’re brilliant)
  2. Choose a Blog or Blogger per category and explain why you chose them.
  3. Tag others to do this (up to you how many)



Annoyingly, I can’t actually do this one properly because I’m almost completely blind. However, from what I’ve heard, Reine has a wonderfully designed blog. She recently went self-hosted and I know that she’s put a lot of effort into what she does; compared to her, I’m pretty much an uninformed, technologically-repellent cavewoman. I’ve also known Reine for what feels like forever; she’s a huge blog inspiration for me and has helped me out so much! (Trust me, I need all the help I can get.)


I didn’t even have to think about this one: GirlMasked is one of the nicest people I know. She’s always there to support people – on her posts and on Twitter. Not only does she write relatable content (her posts on mental health calm me down so much) but she always reaches out to people either when they’re having a bad day or when something amazing happens. I never feel afraid to talk to her and she’s someone in the community who you can always rely on to have the best chats with, about anything! Seriously, you’re wonderful; don’t stop writing!


AHH definitely Lu, who’s actually one of my close friends. Her writing style MAKES MY LIFE COMPLETE and her rambles and rants on books are my favourite thing. She’s mastered the art of being able to summarise her thoughts well (I’m sobbing here because I love it SO MUCH and am so jealous). I love how everything she says is either amazing, hilarious or IS IN ALL CAPS because that’s the best writing style of ever.


OKAY this is easy – Diversion3000 is the funniest blogger ever. Her posts actually have made me cry with laughter on a number of occasions – from fashion reviews to fantastic lists to musings on life, whenever I read her posts I have a smile on her face. Not only that but she’s friendly as hell and when you talk to her, the bubbly and awesome personality shown in her posts is just as present. Ever since her blog started, she’s been someone I go to when I need a cheer-up and I admire her so much for that!!!


Without a doubt, I have to choose L for this one. Both his blog and Twitter are some of my favourite things to read: he’s funny and whenever he posts or tweets about his life, he does it so casually – as if he’s speaking to his readers like they’re his friends. Recently, he’s got a Guide Dog and those updates have got to be the ones I love to read the most because he’s so incredibly happy. I honestly get emotional when I think about it – is that weird?


Jasmine has always been someone who manages to balance loads of different themes on her blog. I’m always in awe of her; she’s got to be one of my favourite bloggers and blogging inspirations. She posts life updates, thoughtful posts, about her dairy-free lifestyle and also blogging tips. I’m not sure how she does it because I find it really difficult to keep my content interesting so that you don’t fall asleep while reading it. However, you will never get bored when reading her blog because she’s one of the most inspiration people I know, simply because her blog covers so many different things and never, ever lacks in quality with any of them. Ahh, I adore her blog more than anything.


Someone who I’ve known for ages, Misstery Blog writes such beautiful poetry on her blog that it makes me feels all the feels possible. Her thoughts on life, particularly teenagers, inspire me to want to speak up and not stay silent about issues in society. She’s such a wonderful writer – people like her let me fall in love with poems and stories even more than I already am. If you haven’t seen her blog before, go and give her a follow – she deserves every single view she gets!

My Nominations

Like Chloe, I’m nominating everyone I mentioned here as well as anyone else who wants to do it! If you’ve been nominated already, don’t worry about it. Also, regardless of whether you’ve been nominated or not, you’re fantastic bloggers and people.

I also nominate:





I really hope you enjoy doing this! I certainly loved it – thanks, Chloe, for creating it again! You’re awesome.

From Elm 🙂

That Moment When a Blogger Goes to your School

I’ve always said, “Haha, wouldn’t it be funny if a blogger went to my school? That’d be so weird and hilarious!”

Never did I imagine that this wild prediction – this thing that I’d jokingly talked about, laughed about even, would happen. It’s one thing to think about it – like an idle curiosity, something you think could happen but never would, right? It’s another thing for it to truly happen, not just in your overactive mind.

On this post, you can find a rather lengthy comment chain – one of the longest I’ve ever had – between me and Llowestcommonmultiple. It started off normally enough: she said that she also had a Charity Week this week and that it was called RAG week. I raised both eyebrows (I physically can’t raise one – it’s sad), at that because our charity week is also called RAG week. Hmm, I thought – it’s got to be a coincidence; there’s no bloody way it’s the same one because RAG week must be a thing in other schools.

I come home on the first day and reply to our comment chain, asking her how her first day was. She told me the theme – superheroes vs. supervillains – and spoke about a girl who had dressed up in a costume with soup labels attached to her and called herself “souperwoman.” At this, I freaked out and messaged a rather crazed reply with about 8 question marks and many capital letters because I realised: she went to my FUCKING SCHOOL.

Now see, the “souperwoman” girl used to be in my form for 5 years and was one of the first friends I ever made at my school. We’re not close at all now but I think she’s great, inventive and funny. It was only by chance that I’d been told about the costume by a staff member – and for that to be the costume that this blogger talked about was just such a coincidence that it shocked me. It was almost by chance that we found out and realised: I was still screaming and freaking out, shouting “OH MY GOD!” at various intervals whilst on Skype with Lu and just generally being unable to process what had happened.

I knew that she was going to be looking out for me – if you don’t know, I’m blind and so wouldn’t be able to see her or know who she was. On Tuesday, I asked my friend Pine if she knew her – I won’t say her name because of anonymity – and it turns out that yes, she did. Upon asking me why, I blurted out something awkward like “Ermmm, no reason! I’d just heard of her and… Yeah… I was curious?” I never said I was a smooth talker. I told Wren about it – the head girl who’s also basically my best friend – and screaming commenced out of excitement; I also told Swan and for the last two days as we’ve wandered around outside I’ve kept suddenly stopping and going “WHAT, I still can’t believe the blogger thing!” I don’t know why I get so excited over this…

Yesterday, I wore a Dryad costume because I wanted to emulate the tree spirit for the irony (nobody understood my weird smile when they asked what I was). As I was exiting the unit for VI (visually impaired) people to go to my lesson, I took a few steps and then heard a voice say, quietly, “Elm!”

Nobody ever, ever calls me that and so that’s why we had agreed for it to be the thing that identified her to me. Because I’m not used to hearing that name said aloud, especially by someone at school, it took me a second to react. My response? “OHH! Hey! Ahh I wasn’t expecting that to happen!” *laughs slightly manically)* See what I mean?

To have a blogger – especially one who found me by chance, who I’d spoken to before and who knows people that I know – going to my school is amazing. It’s incredible that out of all the schools in the country, she goes to mine – the very fact that someone who understands blogging like I do goes to the place I go to every school day – is mind-blowing. What are the odds? If I hadn’t been told about the costume, if I hadn’t replied to her comment in the way I did, if she just hadn’t found my blog – none of this would have happened. It freaks me out.

This opens up so many opportunities for me. Now I’m paranoid that there are more bloggers in my school, that someone I speak to knows my face (I kind of stick out because blind) and it’s just… Weird but also wonderful. This connects me both to blogging and real life – the thing I love connecting me to the real world in such a way makes things feel more exciting and tangible.

I still can’t believe this happened. For some strange reason, people know me in the blogging world and people also know me in real life; people see me around school and so anyone with a blog could walk by me and I wouldn’t know.

All I can say is that the greatest things come out of the chancest of encounters. After almost 2 years, it’s amazing for me to experience this: I never thought that the idea I once thought laughable and so far away is actually much more in reach than I knew.

Have you ever had this kind of experience?

Check out llowestcommonmultiple’s blog by the way; it’s great! I’ve spent a while reading over her posts and I love them.

From Elm 🙂

The 2016 Blogger Awards – Update!

With two weeks to go until the results are announced for the 2016 Blogger Awards – which I’m hosting, I’ve finally caught up with all the nominations. It took me forever, but now I’ve noted down almost all of the people that are nominated so far.

There’s an emphasis on so far, because there are still two weeks left in which to nominate people. The posts and comments I’ve already seen are truly lovely; I’ve never been so cheered up because of the love and positivity that’s been shared. Reading what you have to say about each other has put a smile on my face; through this, I’ve got to know so many new blogs and that’s one of the reasons I’m so pleased to be hosting this.

To find out what these awards are about if you don’t know already, and to check out the rules, you can read this post. If you already know, then here’s a little reminder (because I know I’d forget if I wasn’t thinking about it)

• The deadline (that’s a slightly scary word but don’t let that put you off) for submitting nominations is on the 30th of December
• Results will be posted on the 31st (my birthday coincidentally)
• You have to either link your post back to my post when nominating, or tag it with the tag 2016bloggerawards
• Every blog is worth an award, not just the ones that are nominated or that win

So, get nominating! You don’t have to nominate people for every single category; just do your best and remember to have fun with it! It’s not a competition; it’s just a way to give more positivity to you and the world.

Spread the word if you like, and I hope you have an amazing holiday whether you celebrate Christmas, something else or nothing at all.

From Elm 🙂

Walking Down the Street With Internet Friends

I think that today was one of the best days of my life, simply for how happy I felt.

Because today, I went with L to meet Fibit for the second time, and Sav for the first time. The fact that this actually happened still astounds me.

After celebrating my GCSE results with a meal, I went to L’s house – being late, which stressed me out like hell, because of traffic. Bloody typical, right? We chatted as usual, calling Sav and laughing, listening to music as we always seem to do when we hang out. It was almost spontaneous: it was only properly agreed that I’d go there on Tuesday or Wednesday, I think, and there was a lot of uncertainty as to how we’d all meet up, but I decided to just not panic.

This morning was… Quite eventful. Without going into TOO much detail, Fibit’s phone was kind of fucked, as the ringer didn’t work on it, so we kept on calling him to find out where he was. In classic Elm fashion, I was scared something had happened to him, but both L and Sav assured me he was fine. L and I eventually got a taxi to the train station, where Sav and Fibit met us.

I mean, we nearly walked straight past them, but once we were all there, I felt the hugest sense of relief. I was so paranoid that it wouldn’t happen at the last minute, but we sorted it all out. After we met, we got on a train and I kind of had the thought that I was ACTUALLY there.

When Sav and Fibit met, Sav played the most hilarious prank on Fibit. I think he’ll write about it more in his post, but it had me laughing for a RATHER long time; as the train moved forward, I felt like I was free as hell. Weird? Yeah, slightly, but who cares. Not as weird as the fact that YET AGAIN, I did my creepy “I’m nervous so I’m going to rub my hands together like a creepy villain.”

The day was, to put it simply, amazing. We walked round two places – going to the shopping centre in each – and just talked, and talked, and talked.

Like last time, I’ll make a list of highlights:

• Laughing so hard that I started sobbing
• We went to a Mexican place and said so many crude things in public that the woman next to us left (well, she HAD finished her meal, but shhh)
• Under an underpass, Sav said something absolutely hilarious which made us laugh uncontrollably, and Fibit and L had no idea what we were on about (until we told them, at which point they didn’t quite see how funny it was)
• Sitting on a bench and talking about pretty much everything
• Walking around a shopping centre aimlessly, which just felt brilliant
• Talking with Sav about life as we went down the street (both Fibit and him know how to guide L and I, and I didn’t crash into anything much)
• Going into Lush, smelling all of the things and literally fangirling over the soaps… Oops
• The less said about what Fibit bought in Lush, the bettter
• Talking to a random salesperson in Lush which made my week

Throughout the day, it kept on hitting me that I was with bloggers, two of which I’d met from the INTERNET. That I was sitting next to them, talking to them and I had several crises (good ones) where I just stood there, contemplating my blog. Why does that always happen? Who knows.

When it was time to go, I felt so bloody emotional that it wasn’t even funny. We sat on another bench for the final time, whilst Fibit and Sav were raving about a show that they both used to watch. After muttering sadly to myself when we were walking to the place near the train station, we had a huge group hug.

In real life, I’m a very… Clingy person, almost. I like hugs, is the basic gist, so the group one was fabulous. I was the shortest person there by far, of course, so they all towered over me, but that was kind of good because I was getting even more emotional. I may have accidentally injured Fibit with the hug I gave him (sorry about that) and saying goodbye to both of them was much harder than I expected, as L and I got on the train back.

The thing is, I live at least an hour away from all three of them. I know that meeting bloggers is a huge thing, and that so many people can’t do that for various reasons, but now that I have it sort of breaks me that I can’t do that often. Saying that makes me feel a little ungrateful, but it’s just that the freedom and happiness I experienced was so great that I want to experience it again, with the same people. I have shit all independence, and so I couldn’t get a train up whenever I pleased, meaning that it would have to be really well organised beforehand.

Is it sad that I miss them all? Probably, though at this point, I don’t care. These emoos are natural, as I’ve had a beautiful day.

I’ve been looking forward to this all summer and it’s finally happened. It wasn’t what I expected, but that’s good; I didn’t have many expectations because I knew they’d all be wrong. Being with them, talking, laughing, and the crude innuendos just made it better.

I want to thank L for, well, basically making this possible. He’s always been a great friend to me and if it weren’t for him, I’d never have met either of the bloggers I now call good friends.

Shit, people from the Internet are amazing.

I Elm 🙂