I didn’t mention it, but yesterday I went to a Hozier concert in Brixton with my friend Poppy and IT WAS AMAZING.

I don’t have much energy to write, but I’ve never felt so happy and carefree as I did then. Having Poppy with me really helped, because I’ve known her all my life – just that experience, I suppose, brought us closer. I would have liked her sister, Rose, to come along as well, but we only had two tickets.

Sorry, but HOZIER’s VOICE IS AMAZING. He sounds the same live as he does on recordings, and it’s just so rich and lovely and his lyrics MEAN something. Yes, he’s my favourite artist. I could just drown in his voice… Okay that’s weird dear god.

His supporting act was absolutely fantastic, too, and the harmonies had me and Poppy both shrieking. I need to look them up, actually, because those three women could SING, GODDAMNIT. You didn’t have that awful singing you sometimes get with really famous singers, because they all have talent.

Oh, and I’ve never sang along so loudly as I did with Take Me to Church. That was the most fun I’ve ever had, and the best concert I’ve been to.

Who’s the best artist you’ve seen live?

From Elm 🙂

EEK! I’m Kinda doing a Gig!

GUYS! I sent the email – you know, the thing I talked about in my previous post that I can’t be arsed to link to because I am a lazy twat? Yup – catch up on that if you haven’t already. But I’m so scared, it’s unreal.

But anyway! I’m going to be performing in what COULD be classified as a ‘gig’ tonight. It’ll be with 6 or 7 other singers, and I’m going to be singing one of my own songs and a cover (Safe and Sound by Taylor Swift).

AHA I’m rather nervous. RATHER nervous? I’m terrified!

Alright, I have to run. I need to skype Red for a few minutes, then eat, then go to the concert.

I’m wearing MAKEUP. ARGH! I have this weird thing on my eyelashes and I can’t open my eyes ANYWAY and it’s just awkward.

I’m so sorry, but I won’t be able to read any blogs today 😦 SORRY!

From Elm