Three Time’s the Charm?

Well, hello.


No: hello, again. And again.

I’m not making any sense, am I?

I’ve had 2 blogs before this one. Yep, 2, and what happened to them? Er… That’s another story.

I’m Elm. Well, I’m not. Seriously, call me whatever you like; within reason, I mean. Soon, I’ll make a post about how many names I’ve gone by over the internet, and you might recognise me. You MIGHT.

Last time I set a goal for a blog, I ended up deleting it. So, as a result, I’m just going to blog about whatever, whenever, and to whoever follows me. What’s the phrase? “Well, we’ll see where the wind blows it, shall we?” Yeah, that’s not right.

So I really hope you enjoy this blog, whereever it might go. I’m kind of nervous, because I can’t believe I’m doing this again.

As to the topics of the posts? I don’t know. I don’t know if people from real life will see this – probably, actually, though I want this to be a place which they don’t talk about. Like last time. Eh, that didn’t work so well…

Right, anyway! Before I say anything else, I just want to put it out there: I’m going to write about myself. Obvious, but I just had to say it.

I hate doing introductions.

-From Elm. Or something.