Guest Post – Look Back and Say Sorry

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Hello, I am Day from a blog called Night Vs Day. Thank you Elm for allowing me to have the privilege of posting here. 

I was trying to think what might be the most interesting thing I could put together and share on here today. Could I make up some imaginary story and put together something that grabs the readers attention, could I tell the tales of something exciting? Or, I could share my feelings about something that has just happened… What that is, is a breakup. I was slowly falling for a girl, who to me, was beautiful, amazing and so unique. She was funny and smart. I loved that she could be so mature and thoughtful when she needed to be, but at the same time she could be an utter teenager and play games like Minecraft with me, and be an utter nerd. We broke up, because we had a large mis communication over something. And the way that we handled it and the things we said to each other, were too far to handle. 

What do I think about what happened? Well, I wish it was handled differently. I don’t wish it didn’t happen but I wish the result was different and I wish I said things differently. Do I think she was wrong or I was wrong? I think, both. I definitely feel I said things I shouldn’t have said. I think she also did, but I wish I reacted differently and wished we were better at fixing it. I think fights in relationships are important. You should be able to not just give up, because they prepare you for if you decide you want to spend the rest of your life with that person. 

All of these the random thoughts of a teenage writer…

– Day, from Night Vs Day.