The Universe Has OBVIOUSLY Turned Sideways

A few days ago, I thought something that shocked me nearly into the next century.

I need to do some sort of sport.

No, SCRATCH THAT: I WANT to do some sort of sport. Yeah, you can faint now, because I just admitted to WANTING to do exercise. Elm, the most reluctant person in the world, who HATES all forms of exercise. Yup. I’m in shock, too.

It’s just, I’ve had enough. I’ve had ENOUGH of feeling unfit and getting short of breath when I exercise. And of course, there’s the whole thing about it calming you down and making you concentrate more which helps with exams and that kind of thing. I want to be active because god knows I NEED that, as I haven’t been in recent years. Or ever.

There’s a reason why I hate exercise, or the thought of doing it, and it’s probably because I never had or never could be bothered to take that opportunity. Oh here comes the awkward part where I bring my blindness into it, though it has no business here.

There’s sports that are specially adapted for us blindies (CRINGE why did I say that?) like football, cricket, goalball etc, but they’ve never interested me. Not sure why. Running is an issue because I have to get guided, and I’ve NEVER been confident with swimming. I SHOULD be, but I never have been; partly because of le lack of sight (NO EXCUSE) but mostly because I started late and always had lessons with those younger than me, which caused me to have horrific embarrassment.

I want to do something where I can truly do it, with little help – I won’t say no help because I’ll need guidance a little. Judo maybe, or rock climbing. The latter would be good – Y’KNOW WHAT FUCK IT, I’m looking into it.

Climbing’s not a TRADITIONAL sport, not like running or cycling or football, but it’s something I can do. I tried it once before but quit, STUPIDLY, and I need to take it up again. I’m more confident then, because it’s something I can concentrate on without relying on people to literally guide me, like in running.

I just need to get passed the issue of confidence because I hate people seeing me exercise, as in I really hate it, especially when it’s something I WANT to be good at.

To be honest, I want to say I can do it. I want to achieve it, and get healthier; I’m way too thin but I need to be more in shape. For god’s sake, I don’t even care about the “I’M BLIND AND Can DO SPORT!” because that’s old and everyone knows that we can so it’s not exactly a revelation.

It’s time I actually made a damned effort instead of doing nothing. You know, it might even make me more productive. I like routines, and I’m getting better at organising myself too.

From Elm 🙂

Guest Post – Getting Motivated to do…Exercise!

Hi guys! I’ve got a guest post for ya, from the brilliant and amazing Shay – click her name to see her blog, because it is WONDERFUL. I think you’re going to love this post, because I did.

I want to thank Elm, firstly for giving me the honour to write on her fantastical blog! 😀 No but seriously, Elm, you blog is amazing and I absolutely adore it!


I made a list of potential topics I could write about and I decided to go with something I am just so experienced and so professional in. Exercise.

Okay, I can admit, I am not the best at exercise, which is also why my advice about trying to get motivated will be sincere because if it worked for me, it can work for anyone. Seriously, anyone!


One big tip I want to put forward first it get rid of distractions! That’s right, don’t post anything about doing exercise on Facebook or whatever you kids use these days. XD Put your phone on silent and turn off notifications and try and forget about all of that! There are actually apps, if you’re desperate, that don’t let you use your device until a certain amount of time has passed, which can help to not get distracted and push you to actually go out on a jog or something.


Set a plan to do exercise. This is a part of motivation as it makes you feel more organized and serious about getting fit. Strive for something. The reason why I actually tried to do exercise was because I wanted to lose weight and I wanted to tone. My results were shocking because I could visually see a change to my body within a week. I had lost a noticeable amount of weight and I had toned ever so slightly in my arms. I know it might feel hard at getting into doing exercise, at first but once you see a difference, you’ll definitely feel more determined to carry on. Be SMART! S-specific, M-measurable, A-achievable, R-relevant, T-time bound.


Actually do what you set to do. Get your butt of the sofa and do something with your day! By the way, don’t take that personally, that was mainly me talking to myself. But still, take that advice on too! XD It’s easy to say you’re going to wake up at 6 and go out for a jog, the night before. When it comes to it, you feel a lot lazier and might even skive off doing it. Trust me, I understand. It’s literally the story of my life! Set a commitment to doing it. Make sure that you will have to do it like setting out your trainers next to you and whatever you wear to run in, as this will motivate you, even if you don’t feel it will.


And if you think that you’re going to give up half way through your exercise routine or whatever you’re planning on doing, maybe hang a picture over your head of Taylor Launter or something and convince yourself that’s how muscular you’ll look after.

Or maybe just skip that piece of advice… yeah, that would probably be best.


I think I might have just disproven my own point: “my advice about trying to get motivated will be sincere”. I’m sorry. XD I tried.

Again, thank you so much Elm for letting me do this guest post!


-Shay from VengeanceWearsBlack :3

They Know Me Better than I Do

I’ve got two friends who have known me all my life – or all their life in one case, and they’re called Rose and Poppy. They’re sisters, and are like family to me.

Every week for the past… Two or three months, I think – I’ve gone volunteering at our local Parkrun with Poppy and this week, Rose joined in. I can safely say it was the highlight of my week, and I’ll explain why. (I sound like a newspaper article HELP).

So, Rose is my age and Poppy is a year younger. When I was little, I was much closer with Poppy – still sort of am – but Rose and Poppy both know me so well. Unlike my other friends, they haven’t seen me at my worst RECENTLY and don’t know how bad I can get, but they do, in a way. They were with me when I went a bit psychotic in year 5, through all my seriously weird phases – and they didn’t like me much then, but I wouldn’t have either. Honestly, I was a complete nightmare.

Rose said she’s only started to properly like me in the last three years, and I’m honestly not that upset by that. I know without a doubt that Poppy was my friend before then, because we couldn’t Not be friends on account of our family being friends. That’s not the point: they’ve known me forever, it seems, and it showed today. We’re comfortable around each other and we don’t need to see each other all the time because they feel like sisters to me. It’s a strange friendship.

Like I said, today, Rose joined in. When it was just me and Poppy, it was amazing and we screamed encouragement at the runners and generally had a great time. But with Rose added, I think it was even better because the three of us “argued”, cried with laughter and yelled at the top of our lungs.

It’s put a smile on my face and made my day feel REALLY positive, and I’m glad of that. Hopefully, Rose will join us next week. That’d be “banter”, as we described it.

I may have been a total bitch beforehand, even TWO YEARS ago, but they still put up with me. The fact that they’ve known me forever makes me scared they just hate me, but I don’t think they do. After so many years, I don’t think they get how much I honestly love the both of them. They are my family and I hope it will stay that way.

Have you got friends like that?

From Elm 🙂