I Can’t Speak German


When I post this it’ll be Friday and I’ll be on the plane to Berlin, for a history school trip. It’ll be with both history classes: that includes Red who’s one of my best friends and a girl who was in my old french class, though not Laurel.

I’ve been looking forward to this all year: we’re staying until Monday and will be walking and doing so many activities every day. Such activities are visiting a concentration camp, going to memorials, seeing the Reichstag and other things I can’t remember. It’s going to be a good experience because it’ll teach me more about Germany itself as well as the horrors of the Nazi regime – we study it for A-Level in History – and I’ll feel more free, I hope.

Even if I’m mildly nervous because I don’t know many people well, I think that this will be an opportunity to “come out of my shell”. I’ve been extremely closed off recently to the point where it’s damaged close relationships; I feel like being a little more open with everyone, starting with actually displaying qualities to people of myself that are, in fact, truthful. I’m going there for the education as well as the companionship.

I’ve written a post that hopefully, will be up on Sunday so that my blog isn’t empty for 4 days. I’m going to miss you all: I haven’t read many blogs in so long; my previous drive to read has disappeared but after this trip, I hope it can revitalise itself. As I feel rather faded, this may be an opportunity to get my thoughts back on track. Maybe.

Expect a big update when I get back and if I don’t do one, feel free to shout at me. As I’m almost completely blind, I have to have someone from my school’s VI unit along to help me which is going to cause me some frustration but I’m sure it’ll be fine. I sincerely doubt I’ll have enough time or energy to miss England much; it’s going to be packed.

See you on Monday but most likely Tuesday because I won’t have Wifi! Because of the long trip, I’ll be utterly exhausted and I’ll have to go to school the next day. Oh, joy of joys.

Have you ever been to Berlin (if you don’t live there?)

From Elm 🙂