A Couple Of Things

Hii, guys!

So, I don’t really want to think about today, but a couple of important things happened.

I had three breakdowns: one in maths when I got aggressive, one with my friend Wren where we walked around for a while and one to my VI (blind thing) helper and that was NOT pleasant so yeah.
I talked about asking for help and I totally freaked and feel guilty STOP ELM STOP okay cool.
I have a horrible headache from crying so much and ugh.

So I still feel awful and confused and voletile and all that shit, but it’s not as bad as it was before. Yesterday, I know I said I wanted to die. Now, that’s receding – you may not think it, but your words really did help me.

ALSO, I have completely forgotten to do Dziey’s 5-Day challenge today AND yesterday, and I’m really sorry for that! 😦 Forgive me?

I have some homework and revision to do, but ALSO ALSO – this is exciting yes. And makes me feel happy.

I just set up a kik blogging chat. If you’d like to join, add me on Kik – GemstoneEyes – but be warned, it might get hectic because there will potentially be a lot of us. And I might not be able to message as often as I’d like because school. But I hope you’ll like it, nonetheless!

From Elm 🙂

My Brand New, Amazing, Fantastic, Spiffing Contact Page! 

I should seriously stop self-promoting… It’s horrifying. I’M SORRY!

Okay! So I have a brand new page on my little blogikins – *vomits* – I just wrote that. Did I? Did I actually just…

It’s a contact page! So, it has my email on it, and my kik, for those of you who want to contact me privately.

That sounds… Like an innuendo. It’s not. Seriously, though, if you just want to chat, need advice or feel like contacting me, then you can whenever you want 🙂

Enough of my rambling – here’s the page!

If you do contact me, then just let me know who you are. Obviously, safety is a top priority, and there’s going to be some instances where people might not tell the truth, but that’s what comes with the internet.

Thanks, guys! 🙂
From Elm