I Have 3000 Followers???

I woke up this morning, on the 2 and a half-year anniversary of my blog starting, to find out I had 3000 followers.

3000 followers????!!! WHAT?! Since when, since how? After I screamed in shock for about a year, clapped my hands in delight like a child and generally partied alone in my room at 6 AM, I got on with my day in a dignified way. Totally.

I don’t understand how the fuck I’ve somehow accumulated 3000 people/aliens/robots to follow my manic, odd and slightly too-hysterical ramblings. The extra chocolate icing on the chocolate cake was that it’s my 2 and a half blogging anniversary and do I care that no one celebrates that? No, because it’s a thing now and I feel like I’ve received a statistical birthday present.

I know that the amount of followers don’t really matter but I’m sat here flabbergasted at the sheer amount of people who clicked that follow button. I mean that’s more people than are in my school, more people than I know and far more people than I can name. Also, it’s me, with my sporadic posts which are either too angsty for words or screaming about irrelevant topics. Why do people follow me again?!

These 2 and a half years have been such a rollercoaster but they’ve also been amazing and I can really contribute that to the influence my blog has on me. I feel real when I write to you; when I publish a post, it connects me to a small section of the world. Through it, I can help people, help myself and spread as much of my odd brand of positivity as I like. That includes me shouting, “YOU ARE AMAZING!” with it being backed up by some weird, philosophical realisation I have in some corner of my life. If it helps one person that’s great and if it helps 1000, that’s equally as great. If my words can reach you in some capacity, to prove to you you aren’t alone in how you feel, it makes me actually smile.

You’re all incredible. I know I haven’t been the best at replying to posts or comments recently; I’ll freely admit that. You still stick by me, supportive like not many people can be. Whoever you are, whoever’s reading this, you have seen a part of my life and you know me, in however little a way it is. If you’ve got this far, I know that in the tiniest way, you care and you take in my words. Knowing that makes me want to cry those happy little tears you get when you realise that people give a shit about you and the work you do isn’t for nothing.

I have some advice for you. Keep going, whether you have 1 follower, 100 or 10000 or none. These are your words, your thoughts and you are the one with control over them. You can change lives but firstly, you have to believe that you can keep writing and not give up. There’s so much more than numbers: there’re feelings, laughter, smiles and letting people in on however much you want them to know or that you want to share. It’s a kind of literary beauty.

Thank you. Thank you with everything I have, for making me the most myself I can be when I write; thank you for reading and listening and feeling whatever emotions you feel when you think of Elm or anything I write. Thank you for talking to me, for understanding, for being such a complex person that you write your own words and interpret what you read in a different way to everyone else.

Wow, I never would have guessed two years ago that now, I’d still be writing. I’m happy for it; I’m willing and ready to connect with my blog fully again and to make the most out of it. I know you’ll help me in whatever way you can, probably without realising. You’ve already done that for me and that means more to me than I can fathom.

I love you all so much. I have plans for the future – as we all do – and I want my blog to be part of that. I want you to be part of that, whoever you are, because through this blog I can talk to the most beautiful people. Don’t forget that a blog can be more than just a cluster of posts. It can open the world up.

Love from Elm 🙂

1500 Has the Same Effect as 15


I came home from a pretty horrendous shopping trip (mainly because it was boring, but my mum and I had dinner afterwards so that was great) to discover that for some unknown reason, my little train wreck of a blog has hit 1500 followers.

Like what?? Can I first of all just say, thank you SO MUCH, I can’t even eloquence today so I’m a little speechless.

I know I’ve said this in every single follower milestone I’ve reached – 50, 200, 500 and 1000 – that I love you so much, but the same still applies here. That hasn’t, and WON’T, change because you make my day all the time. Throughout my blog, you’ve supported me, read my terrible posts where I’ve been in tears, insanely happy (or both) and where I’ve spilled my life onto a screen. Do you have any idea how happy I am, how grateful I am that you’ve stuck by me? Whether you’ve been here a day or since the start, you’ve taken in my words in some form.

Whenever I want to feel like I’m not alone, I come here. I read your blogs, your comments; I write to get things out when there’s nothing else I can do. Perhaps it seems strange to be writing this all at 1500, but why not say it now? It honestly astounds me that 1500 people clicked the follow button; yes, most aren’t active followers, but the ones that are count so much. Every single one of you counts, no matter your background, history, hopes or dreams. The blogosphere isn’t a place where people say, “You’re not allowed.”

What I mostly want to say is that when I got 50 followers, I was just as ecstatic. To me, it doesn’t matter the follower count – whenever I reach a milestone, I feel just as happy. It shows me that I’ve got somewhere. The only time it’s ever had more of an impact was when I reached 1000, because something about that number held more significance. Why? I don’t know; I think it was because I reached 4 figures.

My blog’s not the biggest out there at ALL, but it’s my home. If I can inspire, or more importantly HELP, someone in the course of my writing, then it’s worth it to me. I blog because I want to, but mainly because of the community – AKA you guys.

If there’s anything I can do to improve, please tell me. Though I’m a total rebel and don’t conform to any stereotypes HAHAHA no, if there’s a particular post you like to read, just let me know. Your voices matter, and my blog’s not just for me in my eyes. It’s for everyone that stumbles across it.

Thanks for being so positive all of the time. Thanks for coming to me for advice, to ask questions and to just generally express your opinion. Through this blog, I’ve grown as a person. Before I started, I had no set objective or theme because I didn’t want to disappoint or pressure myself, but now I know what I want to do. I want to be confident, happy, and continue this blog.

For fear of boring you, I’m going to stop writing now. Again, tell me any improvements I want to make; I genuinely want to know. Over the next few months, there might be a lot of changes to this, depending on what people say and how I feel.

Sorry; it just hit me that I’ve reached 1500. ME. ELM. The strange nobody who’s prone to randomly calling people amazing and writing embarrassing stories, or supposedly “inspirational” shit.

Thanks again. I won’t say that I hope I’ll reach a certain number of followers in a certain amount of time. All I’m happy with is now, and all of you being here, and the chaotic place I’ve somehow created.

You’re brilliant. Don’t forget it, and I’m always here. I say that from the bottom of my heart (I mean the heart DOES have a bottom, but it’s pretty much the same as the rest of it, filled with blood and valves and tissues ew that’s disgusting I’m just going to forget I said that).

From Elm 🙂