Guest Post – Trapped Behind

Hi, viewers of Elm’s blog:

It’s me, L, you know, me! L, off of
Consider Yourself Warned…

I’m actually writing this post without even letting Elm know that I’m writing it; I’ll text and ask her permission in a little while, obviously before publishing. Although I don’t even think I have the rights to publish… Hmmmmm….

What am I even wanting to talk about today? Well, I want to talk about life. Vague, L, vague…

I was thinking earlier on today [although it’s only 6am, so it was very early] about walls.
No, seriously, I haven’t lost it, promise…
If yu’re in your room, I bet you’re used to your walls: their colour, there little imperfection, the area where the wallpaper is just beginning to peel away from the wall. When I was younger, I used to think that there was nothing outside of my four, plain, dull-coloured walls. Outside of my small, compact room, I thought there was nothing, that everything was already here, and that was the end of it.
Even to this day, I sometimes forget that there’s a world outside, that there’s more to life than my four walls.

If you read my blog [which you really should], you’ll know that recently, I’ve had a bit of a whirlwind journalism experience, with my story being picked up, with a resulting radio show, TV segment and live radio interview. I think that only when I stood outside BBC Broadcasting House in London, my phone at the perfect angle for a selfie did something finally click into place in my head:
There’s more to life than those four walls.
Trapped by my own naïveté, I’d never considered what was really out there, available for me to grab at. Until then, I’d been living my life around conventions; living by the unspoken rule of society, living not for myself, but for the tradition of society.

What am I trying to say, exactly? Well, live. Live your life, grab at experiences and opportunities. Escape from your four walls, however frightening it may be – and yes, it is frightening. Stepping outside the world in which you’ve lived for your childhood is frightening, full of opportunities to screw up, make mistakes and end up in trouble. But listen: it’s not scary. There are people just like you and me, and trust me, if you can take the step out from behind your four walls, the hardest part is over.

I hope this made an inkling of sense, and that it’s made you think; about what, I don’t know, but thinking is good, and apparently burns calories… I’m all in!


First Post Challenge!

Sneer. I’m SUCH a dork I can’t even WHAT was I thinking 3 months ago?!

Right. I’ve been nominated for the First Post Challenge by the amazing and fantastical Everything and Nothing – she’s great, so go do the clicky thing on that link. (WHAT! I’m clever!) But thank you so so much! 🙂

The Rules:

1. Copy-paste, link, pingback (or whatever way you want to) your first post.

Oh crap. NOT this again! Alright. My first post was this pile of absolute drivel.

Just LOOK AT IT! SERIOUSLY! I was acting like such a… Moron. Dork. Doron. You know? Then again, I WAS terrified of starting a blog again.

2. State what type of post that was – for example: introduction, story, poem.

Well, it was a RE-INTRODUCTION, really. Talking about me and my blog and what I was NOT planning to do with it.

3. Explain why that was your first post.

I wanted to re-introduce myself to everything again. I wasn’t exactly going to pretend that my other blogs didn’t exist, so pretending it was a brand new start or that I’d never done blogging before would have been a lie. I guess I needed to get my words out because I missed WordPress; it’s always been an outlet for me. I never really expected my first post to garner such attention, though.

4. Nominate 5 other bloggers.

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