Happy Not-Birthday To Me!

Good day, me ol’ matez! (Because the S is just too mainstream…)

I think I’ve genuinely shocked myself irreparably with that greeting… ANYWAY, moving on swiftly!

Today is my not-birthday.

“No shit, Sherlock!” you may shout. “EVERY single day, apart from your birthday, is your NOT birthday! Foolish imbecile…”

Fine! If that’s how you feel about me… I’ll put it in simpler terms for ya.

I was SUPPOSED to be born on 19 April, 2000.

I was ACTUALLY born on 31 December, 1999.

Yeah, that’s pretty crapping awkward… That’s kinda part of the reason my eyes are a bit… Terrible, but that’s a whole other story.

When I tell people about the fact that I was born 16 weeks early, I get several reactions.

1. “Oh, you’re a miracle!”

2. “Well, you’re lucky to be alive, aren’t you?”

3. “Do you remember it?”

The last one made me laugh so hard I almost cried.

I don’t try to avoid the fact that I was born so early. It’s not something to BE avoided: if people ask, I’ll tell them. What I don’t like is parading around the fact:

“EYYY, look at me! ME! I was born 16 weeks EARLY, you weren’t, I’m more special than you, HAHAHA look how great I am!” If I EVER did that, I’d be certain that 1. I’d lose all respect for myself; 2. My friends would lose respect for me and 3. I wouldn’t be WORTHY of anyone’s respect.

There are people who twist the things that happen to them into a grand story to show off; they use it as a way to make themselves feel better about themselves.

I’m many things, but I’d hope I’m not one of them.

The reason why I wrote this was to point out that EVERYONE has something different about them, but what you choose to do with those differences defines you more than the actual differences do.

Thanks for reading!