The Respect Award!

Hey guys!

You can now faint in shock, because I’m actually DOING an award. What is this?!!! I must have been taken over by some alien.

I am so so happy, because Aditi and Azura both nominated me for the Respect Award, which made me grin insanely. Like you have no idea! THANK YOU!!!

There are just two rules to this award:
1. Paste the award picture in your post.
2. Answer the questions.

If you’re Elm, you’ll only abide by one because I’m SO bad with technology that I don’t even know HOW to paste that picture into my post, because I can’t FIND the picture (yay for phones being great).

The Questions:

What is respect and what does it mean to you?
Respect is when you think a person is fantastic, when every action they do inspires you, makes you feel like you’re worth something. It’s when they can argue with you, but you still admire them, because their arguments are sound and so valid that it knocks you down with the genius of it. It’s when no matter if you hate them, you will still always have a deep-rooted feeling of almost awe for them. It means being kind to them, having kindness returned, and always realising that even if you don’t agree with them, they won’t shoot you down for it. You’ll still be a friend, or an acquaintance. It’s a quiet feeling, solid and only changing with the most violent shift of personality, because you understand them and hold a ton of admiration for them. Respect is earned, not EXPECTED; if somebody is not kind and generous to you, how can they expect that FULLY in return?

Who do you respect the most?
Ooh, this is a tricky one. I’d say my father, because he always has listened to my opinions. He brought me up when it came to politics, and morals, and even when he and I are having an argument, he still makes me look at things from every angle, rather than just one. He’s the type of person who would NEVER expect me to respect him, because he knows that he’d need to earn it through being kind to people, which he is and that makes me respect him even more. Luckily, he isn’t the type of parent who would impose authority on me “BECAUSE I SAY SO!” which is so so great.

Which bloggers have earned your respect?
Too many to count. Honestly I love all you guys because you make me so happy and are always here to help, no matter what. But specific ones, who I’ll use as my nominees, are:

L. This goes without saying, but I have so much respect for this guy. He makes me laugh, is SO fabulous and can write thoughtful, and then hilarious posts. He’s always kind, and here for you whenever you need him, and he’s also organising a project that brings loads of people together and links it to blogging which is my favourite thing. He’s a part of the blogging community, and always comments the sweetest things. You are trés fantastique!

The Savage One AKA The Lonely Lion. This guy’s posts, and his attitude, just makes you respect him. You know he’d always listen to the other side of an argument, and I may not have known him long, but I think he’s fantastic and one of my favourite bloggers. His posts are thoughtful and it makes me smile, because he manages to write down my thoughts on certain topics, because he shares them.

Selfie is someone I’ve always respected. Back in November, she contacted me for the first time to ask if I was okay, and that simple gesture nearly made me cry because it was just so KIND. Ever since then, she’s been such a good friend – funny, thoughtful and she understands me on a level that’s scary. I can always come to her if I feel terrible and THAT’s why I respect her so much.

Luna has been right there from the start. First of all, through her posts, I got the image of a kind and caring person, who was alternately funny and then hit you in the face with her real posts so that you’d stand up and listen. Over the last year, the comments she’s left on my posts have been some of the most beautiful, and most supportive, I’ve ever read. She says she’s bad at advice, but to me, she couldn’t be a better friend.

Crystal is someone who I found relatively recently, and I am SO glad I did. She makes me laugh and writes the best posts and comments, and even though she hasn’t known me that long, she STILL is here for me which is so great. As with so many other bloggers, she has such a kind heart and is never afraid to just message me whenever and have a conversation.

You are all so wonderful, and I don’t know what I’d do without this blog as I ALWAYS say. I’ve missed doing awards like this, because it’s fun and makes me think. Hopefully, it’ll make you guys happy too.

From now on, I’m going to start doing awards. A LOT. If anyone nominates me for anything, please do let me know – by leaving a comment on one of my posts or pages, or by making a pingback to one of my posts. I really want to get back into the swing of things (WOAH I’ve become motivated!)

Have a brilliant day, you fabulous souls 😀

From Elm 🙂