Guest Post -Revision Tips !!


Hey So Elm kindly let me be a contributor on her blog so I thought a cool idea would be to share some revision tips with you as it’s coming up to exams. I didn’t want to mention the typical do a mind map and stuff because everyone knows them. I wanted something a bit more original than that. Although I’m no expert mind you so maybe don’t 100% trust me. Anyway I’ve practiced these tips myself I did these tips for my Prelims (that’s like mocks) and got two As in English and History so I think they work quite well for essay base subjects.So here it goes.

  1. TALK IT OUT – Yell it from the rooftops ,deafen your cat with facts about Lenin And The Russian Revolution , call up the pizza company and teach them about Shakespeare. Do whatever you wan’t I don’t care Just speak it. Apparently you take in 50% of what you discuss and 90% of what you teach others that’s 90% more than what you read(going all statistics on you now soz) anyway put down the textbook and go for a coffee with you mate and revise. It’s more fun anyway.
  2. WRITE ON THE QUESTION PAPER – This is more an exam tip than a revision one. Anyway underline the key points in the question it forces you to read it more thoroughly and know exactly what your looking for. Trust me I learnt this the hard way(I wrote a whole essay in my exam on the wrong question) and I still managed to get an A yeah I know the Scottish education system sucks you probably want to avoid this mistake at ALL COSTS!!
  3. PAST PAPERS –If you follow any of these tips it should be this one. Forget fun colourful mind maps (and stop kidding yourself adding a bit of dried out green highlighter does not make revision any more fun) you may as well stick to the efficient basics. With past papers you get into the routine of knowing what their looking for. And who knows In the exam you may get basically the same question just worded a little different.If your lucky. πŸ˜‰
  4. SLEEP , EAT , SURVIVE – Please don’t destroy yourself over your exams I know they may seem important and they are ( coming from me someone who lives in a country with a free equal education system , health care and Benefit system which makes being unemployed seem almost attractive ) but as I said earlier it’s shit anyway so your not missing out on much. But seriously what use are you if your a lifeless zombie in the exam who’s bursting into tears every ten seconds. The reality is most of us won’t fail drastically and at the same time may not get the golden straight As either. But the majority on people on the planet are just average like you and me and there doing ok so don’t destroy yourself over it. Whatever the result Your still great. ohh and listen to this song it always makes me feel better :

Ok so maybe not the best tips in the world but I hope some of them work for you.

Oh and just a disclaimer if you fail your exams please don’t come after me with a pitch fork πŸ™‚ Good Luck x

Exercising Is Fun

Hellooo! πŸ™‚

Right, just a really really quick post because I NEED to revise like right now and my timetable says it’s sociology today, and I need to do french as well, so YAYYY!

I made another voice recording, which can be found here and it’s about exercise, volunteering and all that. I hope you like it!

Hope you have a wonderful day. Keep smiling and being motivated!

From Elm πŸ™‚

I WASN’T Going to Freak Out, but then THIS HAPPENED

Sigh. Oh, Elm.

Alright no. I think I need a break. I sort of just half-cried but didn’t have a psychotic breakdown.

3 days ago, I revised chemistry. I did a mini test on it today to practice the things I revised, and I fucked up. I thought I understood it, but for some reason, I Forgot IT and now don’t get it any more. Oh my god.

I feel sick, not least because my hormones are all over the place; let’s not even get into that because it will make any males reading this feel REALLY uncomfortable.

I’m really, really angry. My head hurts and I’ve been doing this for 3 hours with NO gain. I’m a bit of an idiot and again, I’m annoyed. Why the hell can’t I just REMEMBER?

I mean come on, I was so happy on the 24th because I finally understood all the acids and bases module AND most of the calculations (moles and shit) module, but NOW I just don’t seem to recall facts. Idiot.

I couldn’t be properly angry earlier because I was sitting with my sister and it would be unfair on her for me to break down, plus I didn’t want to leave her, but now she’s gone to have a shower and I can feel the massive amounts of self-hatred building up.

Elm, why can’t you get this? Why do facts go in one ear and then out the other? Why do you feel like you’re about to start screaming and crying and WHY CAN’T YOU JUST BE BETTER AT THIS?! The FUCK?!!!

I need a rest but I’ve been WAY too lazy these past few days. Maybe it’ll come back to me in the exam, but I can’t take that chance.

My sister’s coming back downstairs so I have to act happy, or at least okay with myself. I think this crap will pass but I CAN’T take a break from revision. Perhaps I’ll do physics but I feel too sick and if I screw up the mini tests again I’ll flip.

Sorry – I’m just tired and stressed when I have no right to be. Has anyone got any tips? Think I need them.

From Elm πŸ™‚

The Korean War and Covalent Bonding

As you can PROBABLY tell, from that strange title, I’m revising for my mock exams in January right now and it’s SHIT scary.

But I’m me, so my revision techniques are, um… Interesting. Usually, I’d read over the notes and that would be that, but a few months ago I realised that if I walked round my house whilst saying the stuff aloud, it worked. And THAT is why I still remember stuff about the Cuban Missile Crisis, not that I’m doing that one in the mocks. I hope.

For the past 2 or so hours, I’ve been revising the Korean War, yelling about how General McArthur and his troops went across the 38th Parallel on 7 October 1950 whilst my tumbledryer makes demonic noises, TRYING to remember that in 1951, upon the Russians’ insistance, peace talks were held in Panmanjom – is THAT how you spell it? – and just generally confusing myself about Yalta and Potsdam and all that stuff. If you don’t do history, ignore all that; I’m being a nerd and I’M GOING TO FORGET EVERYTHING OH GOD

I think the peak of my revision came just now, when I was talking about covalent bonding, and I said something along the lines of THIS:

“So say you’ve got carbon and oxygen, and those bitches want 8 electrons. THAT equals CO2 because it’s CARBON DIOXIDE, and carbon’s got four right now and oxygen’s got six. So you put 2 in each bond – WAIT NO – 2 carbon electrons go in each bond, then two oxygen electrons, cause 6 plus 2 equals 8 and 4 plus 4 equals 8 because there are two oxygens – EYYYY that’s clever!”

Tell me I’m not the only one who has really strange revision techniques? I feel like such a… Strange child. I mean, it’s not like I can do flashcards or mindmaps or signs with my notes on them, can I?

Hmm. REALLY don’t think I need to revise that part of chemistry any more – plus, I doubt you guys want to listen to me ramble on about metallic bonding, those adorable free electrons that make metal such a good conductor, or ANYTHING about lattices.

Maybe a break’s in order?

How do you guys revise? If I just talk things through with myself about the work, I’m alright, except when it’s maths of course.

That was a weird post – sorry I didn’t write yesterday; I was exhausted. For those of you who were wondering, the party was amazing! Because I’m cool like that, I formed a “social reject circle” with two girls I barely knew.

From Elm πŸ™‚