A Skype Call and Roleplaying

I think I actually need to open my window because it’s BOILING in here (love you too, English weather) but I’m scared bees will come in and sting me… Kinda…

Phew. Okay, window opened.

It’s 11:40 or so, and I ALREADY have things to talk about. Shocking, right? Well, I feel much better after yesterday (read my previous post for more info because I can’t be arsed to link it because I’m lazy) and I’ve taken ALL your advice and have decided not to dwell on this too much. What happened happened – I’m neither a slut nor a whore and I just did something I wanted to do at the time, and you guys have helped me realise that. It happens to everyone and I’m not a terrible person. S is okay with anything I decide – and I’ve decided not to have a relationship at all because that’s too difficult to deal with. Like my friend Red advised, getting involved in anything romantic so soon is not a good idea. I like S, but the distance is just too difficult and I need to be mature enough to realise I won’t be able to cope so soon after Palm, and I need to accept that even if I’m attracted to S and next time I see him I’ll probably end up doing something weird again like kissing him or something, it just wouldn’t work long-term.

Er well, I got off topic.

So I just had a BRILLIANT (but unfortunately short) conversation with LifeOfASecretGirl, AKA Anne. She’s so lovely, damnit; that conversation cheered me up immensely.

We talked about how birthdays don’t really mean anything any more, Harry Potter, how annoying it is when wifi cuts out and many other things.

Gah I love skyping bloggers, what is this life? 😀

You can find Anne’s blog here – check it out; it’s amazing!

Oh my god, it’s just started to rain. What the hell?! Okay, I think I should close the window…

In other news, I’m going to get back into roleplaying. Remember my roleplaying story?

Well, I’ve decided that I’m going to start roleplaying again. Keeping up with that and this blog should be easy enough – I’m going to start my writing blog once school starts; do you think that’s a good idea?

This awesome friend and I are going to be roleplaying on this site and it’s going to help me so. much.

If any of you guys ARE interested in RPing or just want to practice your writing, let me know and feel free to join the site. I’m a staff member on there so I can help you out if you need it.

I’m so excited!

Okay, I need to go and drop my sister off at the airport soon; she’s going to Croatia.

There were SO many links in that post and it was so long, sorry!

From Elm 🙂



So. Odd and I made a blog!

It’s rather complicated to explain, but we call it an RP (roleplay) blog.

It’s set in the future – 2050 – from the perspective of two teenagers. Tath (me) and Moth (Odd).

A zombie apocalypse (or a similar thing) has just started to happen, and Tath and Moth are running. FOR THEIR LIVES. MUAAAHAAAAA!!


The words that Tath, especially, uses aren’t supposed to make sense right now. Words like VLM, or the person called Amre (pronounced Am-Ruh).

It would mean the world if you guys could go check it out and follow and like and all that jazz. It’s a fledgling blog right now – just started – but we want to see where this goes.

The blog is here.

Hope you enjoy!