I Need YOUR Input

Alright, guys! I’m taking a break from the horribly depressing posts I’ve been known for of late. Don’t faint; I know it’s a shock.

Well, I need your help. On a few things:

1. The appearance of this little blog:
Right-oh, so you know I can’t see? Well – here’s a vain question: does my blog look okay? No, seriously. Usually I wouldn’t be bothered, but I honestly want to know. Is there anything I can do to make it more… Presentable? Or is it fine as it is? If you guys have any suggestions, leave a comment or email me 🙂

2. Twitter and that
I know some bloggers have Twitter accounts SPECIFICALLY for their blog. Do you think it’s worth me creating one? It would be fun for me – and plus, you could follow me. Added bonus – I’m NOT being arrogant! Or self-promoting! PAH no. I’d post life updates, and could actually get involved in the community rather than sitting on my arse all day – oh shit, I’d do that anyway.

But do YOU think I should do it?

3. Writing
I’ve got a Wattpad account, but I’m scared of posting stories on there. It would mainly be for myself, but if I did write something, would you guys like to read it? Wattpad terrifies me and I’m too scared of how large it is to go reading things like I do on WordPress, which is pretty bad 😦

If anyone could give me advice on these things, that would be amazing!

*Self-assured swagger* Oh, I do love having readers who help me! HEH!

Thanks in advance (I hate it when people put that on emails – what if I DON’T want to help you, huh, you self-absorbed, peacock-esque twatmonger?)
From Elm