Guest Post – Judging a Book by its Cover

Hey guys! This is Aditi, and I’m so happy to be posting on Elm’s blog. I came here once before, with a post called Recollection Road. I hope you enjoy this!

Elizabeth’s Bookshops in Australia, have a very interesting idea for book purchasing. Coined “Blind Date with a Book”, buyers search for a book that solely have four or five words on the paper cover that describe what is inside. In this way, it is impossible to “judge a book by its cover”.

What do you think about this? I have two takes on it.

Side 1: I think this idea inhibits the creativity that goes into creating a book cover.

It is inevitable that we judge books by their covers. It is impossible to summarize an entire novel into a few words. I’m sure you have heard the idiom: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. This is the notion that a situation conveyed with an image shows its meaning more effectively than a description does. It is more difficult to understand the essence of a book without a picture displaying it. It would be much easier to have a cover to visualize the book you are about to read.

Side 2: This idea is very beneficial, and prohibits any judging of covers.

Conversely, this could really work! Sometimes, books might not have any “substance”, but they have a dashing, yet misleading cover. Authors obviously don’t come right out and tell you about the book, unless it’s in the blurb on the back. If you’re very specific with your choices on what types of books you read, this could really help. Especially since the books are specifically chosen by people who have read the book before, there is a good chance you will enjoy it.

Which take do you follow, and what would you add them?

My Ideal Book: The book that I would want to read best would probably have these words on it.

  1. Revolution
  2. Teenagers
  3. Humorous
  4. Fantasy

This basically describes the entire Y.A. genre! I know I have read a lot of books like this already, but, if it’s really good, I will truly enjoy it.

What would be your ideal 4-5 words for a book?

Using This Strategy: This could also be used for music, games or movies. Blind dates with PEOPLE could also follow this format. What do you think about this?


I hope you enjoyed that! If you want to, you can comment the side you would take (or if there is ANOTHER side) as well as the answers to some of the questions you posted and I could do a follow-up post showcasing some of your comments and my additional takes on this!

I’d also love if you could check out my blog here. I write about several things, but I have narrowed it down to “PET” (Poems, Education (yet interesting), and Thoughts). 🙂


The Exquisite Corpse Game

Hi, everyone!

Last week, I wrote a post that introduced this game and asked for your feedback – you can read it here.

Through what you’ve said, Rina and I have come up with the rules for this game.

On this post, I’m going to write the first sentence of a story.
As we said in the introductory post, the next person will comment with the next sentence (NOT line of poetry, because sentences are much easier) of the story.
Person 3 writes the next sentence in a SEPARATE comment, so it doesn’t get confusing, and so on.
On Friday, we’ll collect up all the sentences, and put them into a finished piece.

Right, let’s do this – the sentences can be as short or long as you wish.

Sentence 1:

A girl stared out to sea, the breeze combing through her auburn hair.

Make of that what you will, and let’s see where this takes us!

(If nobody replies I think I’ll cry hehe).

If you’re confused, you can always email me or email Rina.

Once again, thank you so much to Rina for coming up with this idea; you’re a genius!

From Elm 🙂

A Cool Thing We’re Gonna Do Yes

SO, I had a skype chat with this amazing friend of mine a few days ago, and we had an idea FOR A REALLY COOL THING WE COULD POST ABOUT ON EACH OTHER’s BLOGS – still need to think about the logistics of it.

It’s going to be a monthly thing – or every two months, and we need your help.

We’re going to post a bit of writing each time. And what we need your help with is the ideas for the story – a prompt, if you would.

Should we do one big story, or little short stories? If we did a huge story, we’d write one chapter at a time but if we did short stories, we’d write in the same prompt.

We might use one idea, or combine some of the ideas you come up with. And the ideas you come up with could be anything – from a quote to a vague idea of the story to a character, to ANYTHING. It’s your choice.

So, what should we do?

If you haven’t checked out my friend’s blog, DO IT! She’s lovely, and also brilliant AND a fantastic writer. She did a series called Drag and Drop Stories, which was wonderful.

From Elm 🙂

PS: I should have a post up soon (REBEL I know) about something I’m doing tomorrow. Also, your responses to my last post were WONDERFUL, and I couldn’t have been happier; they put a smile on my face (as you guys always do).

I have An Idea!

What am I doing?!

Okay. So I’ve been thinking about this for a while – by a while, I mean about a day. Alright, I’ve been THINKING about it for longer, but I’ve only been seriously thinking about this for a day.

I should REALLY get onto explaining the idea, shouldn’t I?

It all started whirring in my head last night, when this blogger friend of mine were talking about writing.

Then, today, the idea blew up into massive proportions when I found this blogger‘s work.

On here, I’ve written one poem – you can read it here – yeah, self-promotion right there!

Can you see where I’m going from here?

I’ll straight out say it: I want to create a blog for my writing.

I have some questions, though: would you be interested in reading? Is this a good idea?

I have a Wattpad account, but I never use it. The community there scares me a little because of the sheer size of it, and it’s also because I don’t think I could keep up with two communities. That’s the truth.

I’d post short stories on there more than poetry, and hopefully, once I get ideas, I could post chaptered novels.

I’ve created this sort of fantasy world in my head, and I could write about that. I could write about so many things; the only question is, should I?

So: should I do this? I’d love your input!

Thanks, everyone!

From Elm 🙂

When A Book Ends – “What am I supposed to do now?”

I feel very, very hollow right now. In a… Good way, don’t worry.

I’ve just finished Lies We Tell Ourselves by Robin Talley.

I don’t think you realise the significance of that.

I just finished a book that left me so happy I wanted to cry. In one of the chapters I REALLY did cry because it was so fantastic.

I NEVER cry with happiness at a book. I never have before. So I know, of course, that this book is going to leave a lasting impression on me.

This isn’t a book review. This is just a thought process.

The relationship between Sarah and Linda was one of the best things I’ve ever read. I loved both of them.

I wish I had something like that, sometimes. Not Sarah’s situation, but the love they held for each other.

And now, the book’s left me hollow. It ended in a spectacular way, but I want to know what happened to them. I want to know how their relationship developed after the book ended.

I just want to know.

You know when something leaves such an impact that you feel empty, and you don’t know what to do with yourself? Yep – that’s what just happened. I’m going to miss that book. I loved it and it will stay with me forever.

Please, read it. It’s beautiful and heartbreaking in its beauty.