The Curse of the 19th

Yeah, I know I posted half an hour ago, but… I mean I won’t be posting for over a week! I need to make up for lost time.

I got spurred on to do this by Katelyn who said, correctly, that I’d mentioned in a previous post about how many things have happened to me on the 19th.

And what’s the date today, kids? THAT’s RIGHT! It’s the 19th! So, here we go:

This isn’t a LONG list, but it has set my paranoia off:

19 November 2011: I was asked out by my first boyfriend, who was a complete twat. Remind me why I said yes to him?!

19 July 2013: I said yes to going out with my second boyfriend (he’d asked me out the previous day via a note). THAT relationship ended badly, so I view that day with a LOT of… Pain?

19 June 2014: when I came out to myself as bi, which caused me a lot of bad things afterwards.

19 November 2014: when I came out to Ash as bi. He was SO supportive, and that’s what’s painful.

19 March 2015: when Ash got back in contact with me after a VERY long period of silence. And I look back on that day with really horrible sadness.

It may only be 5 little things by there are probably more if I try to remember even more), but it’s caused me to view this day with suspicion. Or, maybe, paranoia. It might seem stupid, but one of my favourite phrases is: “ARGH! Everything happens on the 19th…”

Hope you enjoyed!