Sorry, Mr. Toilet, Didn’t See Ya There

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I’m still blushing from a situation which happened… Well, the last lesson of the day.

Picture the scene:

Elm enters the English building with her friend Pine, who promptly vanishes to her classroom after dropping Elm off with a group of girls who she’s friendly with, but who don’t really talk often. And so, Elm is standing there feeling a little awkward.

One of the girls – let’s call her Tilly – jumps. “Hey, Elm, we’re going in.”

Elm naturally thought they were right outside the classroom. And so, she stepped forward – there was a door there, and so of course she turned, about to step into the room beyond.

I mean, there were a group of boys about to go in – pushing each other, you know – and she thought those boys were just trying to get into the class quickly, because the teacher has a habit of shutting those who are late out of the classroom.

So these boys are shoving each other, and Elm tries to get in front of them because she doesn’t want to get trampled. The boys are shouting as they step into-


Yes – you read that right. I nearly went into the boys’ toilets instead of my English classroom.

I was saved by that group of girls. We all laughed until we nearly made ourselves sick. I think everyone knows now.

I’m so damn mortified.

The smell should have tipped me off, for god’s sake!

Oh crap. I can’t believe I did that…

Laugh all you want. I… I…


From Elm