You could ALWAYS Do More

Today, I got hit with the thought that in blogging – or in life, generally – I just don’t do enough.

I’ll put it out there – at the moment, I have 825 followers or so.

Do I deserve them? No. I’ll explain why.

Then again, does it matter how many followers you ACTUALLY have? Because 825 people do not read every post I publish. Does that matter to me? NO.

These are the things I COULD do more:
1. Check out the people who follow me (who I don’t follow) – saying that, whenever I try, the app crashes.
2. Do more awards. Or ALL of them.
3. Read more posts. A LOT more posts.
4. Get WAY more involved in the Twitter community.
5. Talk to more bloggers by email, Twitter, Kik, or even Skype more bloggers.

These are things I COULD do more of, but I don’t. Does that make me a shitty blogger? I HOPE not.

To be honest, if I make people feel happy by my posts, or let them think or give them hope, I’ve achieved what I always wanted to do. If I’m a good friend to the people I meet online, I’ll be happy.

This isn’t an “AM I CRAP GIVE ME ATTENTION!” post. It’s more of an “I want to show you something” post.

I want to tell you that no matter HOW many followers you’ve got, it’s the person behind the blog that matters. You could have 5000 followers and be really horrible and never get involved, or you could have 50 and be absolutely lovely and CARE about your readers.

I STILL don’t think I deserve these followers, but I think I could if I did more. I feel like what I do isn’t enough.

But for me, and for you, NOTHING is ever enough. I think we just need to realise we’re MORE than okay as we are.

From Elm 🙂

AHOY! Twitter Chats and That

So yesterday, an amazing blogger (who wasn’t me) came up with an amazing idea.

What if there was a WordPress direct messaging system?

But there wasn’t.

So, she came up with the next best thing: she created a Twitter chat for bloggers.

Of course me, being the fanatical weirdo I am, jumped on the idea and together we sneakily added loads of people.

When I say loads, I mean about 30.

Seriously, it’s amazing to talk to so many people. It’s so great because you feel like you’re a part of something.

If you guys want to join in, just tell her or me your Twitter username 🙂

You can find me on Twitter here and find her here.

I’ve found so many new bloggers (who are amazing might I add)

And we’ve discussed so many things that have left me on the floor, laughing so hard I nearly cried.

I Need YOUR Input

Alright, guys! I’m taking a break from the horribly depressing posts I’ve been known for of late. Don’t faint; I know it’s a shock.

Well, I need your help. On a few things:

1. The appearance of this little blog:
Right-oh, so you know I can’t see? Well – here’s a vain question: does my blog look okay? No, seriously. Usually I wouldn’t be bothered, but I honestly want to know. Is there anything I can do to make it more… Presentable? Or is it fine as it is? If you guys have any suggestions, leave a comment or email me 🙂

2. Twitter and that
I know some bloggers have Twitter accounts SPECIFICALLY for their blog. Do you think it’s worth me creating one? It would be fun for me – and plus, you could follow me. Added bonus – I’m NOT being arrogant! Or self-promoting! PAH no. I’d post life updates, and could actually get involved in the community rather than sitting on my arse all day – oh shit, I’d do that anyway.

But do YOU think I should do it?

3. Writing
I’ve got a Wattpad account, but I’m scared of posting stories on there. It would mainly be for myself, but if I did write something, would you guys like to read it? Wattpad terrifies me and I’m too scared of how large it is to go reading things like I do on WordPress, which is pretty bad 😦

If anyone could give me advice on these things, that would be amazing!

*Self-assured swagger* Oh, I do love having readers who help me! HEH!

Thanks in advance (I hate it when people put that on emails – what if I DON’T want to help you, huh, you self-absorbed, peacock-esque twatmonger?)
From Elm